Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Decisions, decisions....

To maintain our sanity and some type of organization in the kitchen we have decided that it's about time to go ahead and update our fridge as we have outgrown our current one and it is starting to get a little crazy and disorganized because we simply just do NOT have enough room for everything. Ever since Hudson has graduated to grown-up food we have definitely had to be creative in order to get everything to even fit in the fridge with all of the extra bottles of juice, gallons of milk and extra food and snacks, etc. We have also been wanting for quite some time now to purchase an additional refrigerator / freezer to use in our garage for extra storage for additional food items and to also keep lots of cold drinks for when we are entertaining or anything as well. This would also be useful because we shop at Costco a lot and they always have quite a few things that we would buy in a bulk size package, but unfortunately there are often times that we just can't because we don't have the room for it. Personally, I like to also buy a lot of our meats and poultry items in bulk so that you get a much better value and having extra freezer space would definitely help in that aspect as well. We were going to wait to get a new refrigerator until we eventually move, but have just decided that it would be better to buy it now since we are having so many issues with a lack of space.

Now comes the difficult part....which refrigerator do we want?!?! We both know that we want a stainless steel french door model, but which brand? What features? What size? And in case you haven't been appliance shopping lately, let me just tell you that there are SO many options now that it's almost overwhelming! We did go look a bit last weekend and so far, we've narrowed it down to two models that we liked best. We only looked at Lowe's and Sears so far, but the Samsung and the GE Profile were the two that seemed to catch our eye visually as well as have the best features or rather, the features that are best for our family. We also liked the Kenmore Elite, but there were several things that we didn't love about the models we looked at and I liked the LG models too, but was completely turned off by the look of the water / ice dispenser on the ones we looked at. Overall, these two just seem better for us all around. I don't remember the specific model styles, but here are a couple of pics...what do you think??? (any opinions from other french door style owners are welcome and would be greatly appreciated too!) :)



Oh, and we are pretty much certain that we want the water and ice dispenser on the outside for convenience purposes, but I would be interested in hearing if anyone has one with the water dispenser on the inside of the unit to see how they like it too. :)


Misty said...

We have the GE and like it just fine. I love the water/ice on the door, that is, until Tucker decides he needs to get water himself and makes a mess!

Jess said...

We have the GE Profile. LOVE the bottom freezer - we can get tons in it. Not as crazy about the top. It doesn't seem like we can fit as much or maybe the layout is just odd and I can figure out how to organize things correctly, but I am always fighting for space and we rarely grocery I will know for sure when we have kids and eat at home more often if it's a keeper! Re: Misty's comment, I am pretty sure there is a lock on the water dispenser, but don't quote me on that since we haven't had to use it yet for Bella! :)