Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hello, stranger....

Finally, things *might* be dying down a little at the Brodt household! We've been going and going and going and going non-stop like little Energizer bunnies lately, but I think that we have a small break with our schedules before things get hectic again. Last weekend was as busy, if not busier than usual and I haven't really had time to post since last week. We went to Kasey (David's cousin) and John's wedding last Saturday night at the Hickory Street Annex and that was about the most relaxing time that we had all weekend! Besides sleeping anyways! The wedding was awesome and we had a lot of fun....their ceremony was very unique as they had a live band in the church and was a very different feel for the ceremony, but very cool none-the-less. The reception was great, tons of great food, music and family and friends. We really did have a great time, although we would have stayed longer, but we had to go pick up Hudson from my mom's since she was watching him that night and we didn't want to stay out too late. I don't have any pics as I decided to leave the camera at home and just relax and enjoy the evening, which I think was a great choice! Saturday before the wedding I was running around ALL day! I went to the Four Seasons salon in the morning and got my highlights, color and haircut done and also got a cute little updo for the wedding. Afterwards, I headed back to Cedar Hill and went by Target to pick up a few things, went by the bank, got gas and went to get a manicure and a pedicure as well before heading back to the house. I decided to go to a new place to get my nails done and let me just tell you it was fabulous! Much nicer than most of the nail shops in the area and they did a great job! My fingers and toes looked so pretty and the pedicure was awesome especially considering it was so inexpensive....they used several smelly good scrubs, lotions, etc. and even included a hot stone foot and leg massage in their standard pedicure. I will definitely be going back often! Sunday we didn't do much besides work on finishing Claudia's invites all day and then I got the last touches done Monday night on most of them and mailed those out yesterday and then the remaining ones today, so....the invites are done and mailed out! Yippee! I was really pleased with the end results and can't wait to hear what her guests have to say about them. :) Other than that, not much is really going on. David has to go in on Friday for a training class at work even though that is his day off, so I am actually going to take the day off and stay home with Hudson that day, which hopefully will be a nice day spending time with my little man! I rarely get to do that, especially just me and him hanging out, so it should be fun!

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