Thursday, September 25, 2008

LOVE it!

I had a most horrible day, one of those days where you wished you had just crawled back into bed and stayed there, but there was one glimmering little light at the end of my day.....a package on my doorstep when I got home! :) My new handbag arrived and I absolutely LOVE it! It's freakin' huge, I mean, I guess I totally underestimated the size, but even still, it's SO me and I totally love it can't wait to use it! David even said that it was definitely my kind of bag because it WAS so huge, ha! He knows me very well! It definitely made me smile at the end of an extremely long and wearing day. :)

(David and Hudson made up for the rest of my crappy day by being their sweet usual selves, so it didn't turn out so bad after all ---- have I ever men
tioned how great of a husband and son I have????)

Oh, all smiles were derailed once I watched ER and bawled my eyes out, but that's a whole different story! :P

Per Jess' request, here is a pic! =) It's kind of a small picture, but oh well, that's all I could find.

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Jess said...

What? No pictures?!?!