Monday, September 22, 2008

The Refrigerator Search Continues....

After trekking to numerous stores to look at countless french-door refrigerator models, we have come to a standstill. :( Unfortunately, we are just having an extremely difficult time making a decision as we are not completely sold on any of the models that we've seen and we also have concerns about the reliability and quality of many of the models. Mostly this is attributed to numerous consumer and expert reviews that we have read online that have now made our decision even more difficult as it seems that the two choices we have narrowed it down to also have quite a few poor reviews due to malfunctioning or even non-functional issues mostly concerning the ice makers in the units. We haven't completely ruled either one out because they also have enough good reviews to keep us from totally excluding them, but instead we are now looking at some of the other options which scored more stellar reviews from consumers and experts alike. We figure that this is a pretty big investment and we want to a) be extremely happy and confident in our decision and b) we of course want something that is reliable and will last a long time as we aren't planning on purchasing another refrigerator for many, many years. Right now, our first choice that we will be going to look at in person this week is a stainless steel model from Jenn-Air. Everything that I had read about the unit sounds very promising, so that's good, and I also love the way it looks from what I can tell from the pictures I've seen online, but the real test will be seeing it up close and personal per se. So, I guess we will just have to wait and see how we like this unit and then go from there to see if it's a winner or not or if we are back to square one! Who ever thought buying a new refrigerator would be such hard work and so CONFUSING!?!?!?!

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