Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fun Birthday Weekend!

This past Sunday was David's birthday and we had a nice, but way too short of a weekend. Saturday we had a pretty laid back day at home for the most part and then went to go to the Great Indoors to look at refrigerators yet again that afternoon and then out to dinner at Grand Lux at the Galleria. Dinner was great and Hudson was really good and behaved fairly well considering we decided to let him seat in a booster seat at dinner which was the first time we've ever done that. Normally, we still have him use a highchair, but we figured we'd give the booster a try and surprisingly, he wasn't that bad. So, that's definitely a step forward! After dinner we walked the mall a bit and then headed home. David decided that he wanted to open his gifts Saturday so we did that once we got home. Unfortunately, my gift did not get delivered before the weekend as I had planned so I had to give him a picture of it in his card instead! I ordered him a new Weber grill and it's by far the nicest birthday gift I've ever gotten for him and was so disappointed that it did not come in time for his birthday. =( In any case, he LOVED his gift even though he didn't have it yet. Then I also got him a grill cover and new tools from Hudson, so he was able to have something for his birthday. After he opened his gifts we decided to catch up on some Project Runway and then afterwards I was able to talk David into staying up late to watch Sex & The City movie, which I loved just as much the second time around! David was actually a sweet hubby and bought it for me as a surprise earlier in the week. =)

Sunday I got up and cooked breakfast for the three of us and then we just hung out at the house all day. David's birthday request was to stay home and to watch football all day, so I was happy to oblige. I just worked on design orders for a good portion of the day and we just had a nice day at home. Nothing too exciting, but it was a much needed day to relax and get caught up on some things. We only have a couple of more weekends in October that aren't totally booked up with things we have going on, so this was a good weekend before things get really crazy!

Here's picture of David's new grill (no, that's not our backyard, this is a picture I found online)...

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