Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thank Goodness!

FINALLY, I got Hudson's birthday party invitations and my new business cards today from Vistaprint. They turned out pretty good actually and now I just got to boogie and get these invites mailed out soon. Hopefully, I have enough time to get them out by Saturday, if not then it will likely be Monday. I've been super busy this week and will be working a lot of the weekend as well, but I will definitely have to be making these invites a priority since his party is just a few weeks away!

Oh, and drumroll.......we are going tomorrow night to FINALLY make a decision and order our new refrigerator! YIPPEE! I cannot wait!

I'm just ready to be feeling completely better too. I was home sick all day yesterday and feel like I just can't kick these allergies! I'm thinking I might be on the cusp of a sinus & respiratory infection too, yuck!

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