Monday, October 20, 2008

Our Day at the State Fair of Texas

We had a great time at the fair on Friday and Hudson enjoyed it SO much more than last year. He of course LOVED the cars the most, then would come the petting zoo and animal exhibits and lastly he LOVED the Blue Bell Ice Cream, ha! The fair wasn't too crowded actually and the day turned out to be really nice - good weather and Hudson was in a fairly good mood all day long. Here are just a few pics from our day....

Me and Hudson in front of Travis Pastrana's car

Hudson crusing in a new convertible Corvette, ha!

WATCH OUT!!! Hudson's behind the wheel!

Boys LOVE trucks!

TOO cute!

The trains....

Big Tex
David and Hudson

These carved pumpkins were SO cool and were seriously GIGANTIC!
Hudson's first free Blue Bell cone at the fair!
He LOVED it!!
My favorite ice cream shot!

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