Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Hudson!

So, I planned on posting on Hudson's actual birthday, BUT we were out celebrating at the Fair last Friday and I have been swamped ever since so I am just now getting caught up on posts.

Truly, I cannot believe that my little boy is already two years old...the time has flown by and while I am so incredibly proud and in total awe of my ever-changing little boy, I also miss the tiny little newborn he used to be. The tiny fingers, tiny toes, tiny smiles and tiny little baby coos and they are replaced with big laughs, big smiles, big eyes full of wonderment and new words and adventures every day. I love him more than words can explain and my love for this sweet little boy grows more and more each and every day that passes. David and I both feel so incredibly blessed to have such an amazing little incredible blessing that pushes us to be give more and believe and have even more hope and faith in all that is good and for everything that lies ahead of us. Hudson's first two years have enriched our lives more than either one of us could have ever imagined and we are just SO proud and so very, very blessed to be his parents....his mom and dad, we are so very lucky.

Happy birthday Hudson, we both love you more than you'll ever know and of course, as I tell you the moon and the moon and back.

There are way too many wonderful moments from Hudson's first two years, but here are just a few pics....

One of Hudson's first pics after he was born...
In the hospital nursery
Me and my little sweetie
I was just in complete awe of him!
This picture was taken while still in the hospital
Professional newborn pic
Professional 3 month pic
Professional 6 month pic
Professional 9 month pic
Professional one year pic
Hudson's first birthday party....
With his favorite sock monkey!
First romp in the snow!
Hudson at the Fair for his second birthday....

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Misty said...

Happy Birthday, Hudson!