Wednesday, October 8, 2008

BAD Blogger!

Yep, I've been really bad lately and haven't updated the blog much because we have just been so busy. This past weekend was pretty non-stop and this upcoming weekend is the only weekend that we don't have any specific plans already made for like the next 4 weeks, but I have a TON of orders to work on so I will likely be working at least one day to get a bit caught up.

Well, we finally made a decision on a refrigerator on Friday and actually went to pick it up that night because David was in a hurry to get his hands on it, lol! I thought we were going to order one, but NO he had to have it Friday night, so we wer
e off to dinner and then to Lowe's to pick it up. We ended up not getting home until around 10:30 p.m. because we didn't even get to Lowe's until almost 9 and then the drive home was a little slow and long because we were trying to be extra careful as to not damage my lovely new fridge. =) So, we unloaded the fridge, unpacked it and removed the doors, etc. in order to move it into the house, but by the time we finished all of that it was already past midnight and David had to get up early so we headed for bed. We ended up deciding on the GE model and I just LOVE it! It seems SO much bigger and looks great in our kitchen too! Now, my sister will be happy because I won't have to blog about refrigerators anymore, lol! j/k Debbie! She asked me Saturday night if we had finally found a fridge and I told her that we actually had and she said "Good! I am ready to hear about other stuff on your blog....yada, yada, yada." Ha! She was just kidding, but ya know, I haven't had a ton to write about lately and like I said, we've just been so busy it's been hard for me to balance everything. Here's a pic of the fridge even looks so much bigger than our old one even though it isn't actually a ton bigger dimension wise.

Saturday David went to his Papa's all day to work on painting the outside of his house and it sounds like they got a lot done! I was surprised because I know that they had a lot of work to do and even though Marc, Jason, Tim, George Michael, Amanda and Marcia were all there too, I just figured that they wouldn't get too far since the house hadn't been painted in like 30+ years or something! Anyways, while David was out all day I stayed home with Hudson and also tried to get some work done during the day as well. Although, Hudson was a bit of a pill and didn't let me get nearly as much accomplished as I wanted and needed to, but oh well! He's on the verge on the terrible two's and I just have to continue to get used to his ever changing moods and schedules.

Saturday evening we went to dinner with my family at El Fenix downtown to celebrate my nephew, Chris' 18th birthday. We had a ton of fun and as usual, we were quite loud, rowdy and silly, but our waiter was awesome and totally played along. He was a good sport and I was impressed at how well he dealt with us considering there were 25 of us at the table!!! Hudson was a little toot as always, but not in a good way this time. He acted up quite a bit and threw a monster fit when my parents left to go home. He was screaming and crying because he did NOT want his grandma and grandpa to leave was so sad and the funny thing is, he wasn't even really paying attention to them when they were there! We finally got him to calm down and finished the dinner and headed on home. I was exhausted and feeling ready to crash, so once we got to the house I went ahead to bed not too long after we got home.

We finally got to finish setting up the new refrigerator in the kitchen on Sunday morning and moved the old one to the garage. This was an entire process I tell you....moving stuff over and going through everything in the fridge, etc. It took a few hours for David to get everything done and setup, but it was finally done and that was the important part! After that we went and did our weekly Target and Costco visit and then came back to the casa. I worked on design orders for a bit and did laundry while David worked on a few other things. It was an eventful weekend once again, but we did have some fun and got a lot of things accomplished so that's always a good thing! =)

Hopefully, things will get back to normal before too long and we won't be quite as busy, but who knows, with the holidays coming up I have a feeling that it will be just as if not even more hectic than ever! Stay tuned.....

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