Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hudson Update...

Hudson has finally started to say and do a few new things lately....Some are sweet and some not so much, but here are just a few examples for your entertainment. =)

  • Saying the word car about 400 times a day, but what makes it especially special is the fact that he says it with almost a Brooklyn accent of sorts "Cah, cah, cah, cah" pointing at every vehicle that passes by. Heck, he calls all kinds of things "cahs!!"
  • He just now in the past week learned what the moon is and points at it and says "moo", not quite moon, but close enough for now.
  • He also says I love you now even though it is a bit choppy.
  • He has gotten really good at giving LOTS of hugs and kisses lately too.
  • He is still loving to strip down completely and has done lovely things recently like taking off his poo diaper and then sliding down the stairs leaving the world's most giant skidmark! So not a highlight of the week at the Brodt household, but eh', it could be worse!
  • He has a mean streak sometimes and Bailey has become a new victim for him. He's gotten bad about randomly pulling his tail, his hair in general or just beating up on him if Bailey does something Hudson doesn't like or if Hudson is just in a foul mood. So, we've had to be on him about that to make sure that Bailey doesn't get hurt, but more importantly, that Hudson doesn't aggravate Bailey and cause him to snap back at Hudson or anything.
  • He has also recently mastered the art of saying his own way of course! It's hilarious because there are certain things that we obviously know that Hudson doesn't enjoy or is resistant to and we will ask him things like "Are you ready to go night-night?" or "Do you want your diaper changed?" in order for us just to hear him say "Uh-uh!" And he says it in the funniest little grunty voice.
  • Insisting to sleep with about 6 stuffed animals, several Hot Wheels, a couple of large cars, a car calendar and well, it varies by the day, but I am sure that you catch my drift.
  • He is still quite intrigued with putting on either mine or David's shoes as well, but he's been doing this for months. He also has been trying to put clothes on himself as well. I am happy to see him take an interest in this and he is doing it on his own which is even better.
  • He's a great little problem solver and has been getting really good at finding ways to get things he doesn't need to have, ha! Which reminds me, what happens next??? He is getting so much taller and it's getting harder and harder to keep things out of his reach...I guess it's gonna be a lot about teaching him not to do it rather than hiding every little thing away, but I have a feeling this is going to be a long uphill battle for us.
  • He has also mastered the art of embarassing us in public, lol! Whatever you do, DO NOT let him see any Hot Wheels or other cars in any store if you don't plan on buying him one because otherwise, you WILL see a fit like none other. We have actually considered not taking him with us when we go shopping and to run errands, etc. because he has gotten so bad about this. We don't want to do this because really, it's not going to be any fun for one of us to have to go do everything while the other stays at home with Hudson. I am sure that isn't the answer anyways, but it's just gotten a bit ridiculous. I mean, everytime we go to Target he ends up screaming in the checkout lane because the some niwit decided it would be a great idea to put Hot Wheels in the racks at the checkout lane. NOT a good idea! It's pretty bad when some of the sales associates remember him from the last time we were there, hahaha! And not because he is just so darn cute!
  • It isn't all bad though, not even close...the terrible two's are in full-swing, but even still....he does more things that make me smile and so proud to be his mommy everyday that all of the other things don't even compare. I wouldn't trade ANY of it for the world.

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