Thursday, October 2, 2008


SO, I was just looking around at the headlines on Yahoo and decided for some random reason to look at the images from tonight's debate even though I did watch it and didn't really have any reason to need to look at any pictures since it's not likely that I missed anything too interesting. Well, I guess I missed the reasoning behind this picture.....

What's up with the shots of Sarah Palin's legs??? Oddly enough, there are numerous pictures like this too....not sure WTH that's all about, I mean, she does have some great legs, but I was just kind of confused. I guess what I really want to know is....where are all of the hot pics of Joe Biden's legs!?!?!?! Come on photog's, give em' up! ;)

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Misty said...

I, too, find that a bit odd. Perhaps they were shooting her shoes? I read something a few weeks ago about how she loves funky shoes.