Monday, October 27, 2008

Mini Weekend Recap

We had another long (3 day) weekend and were pretty much going, going, going the whole time. Friday was mine and David's 4 year wedding anniversary, which we actually didn't celebrate because we just had too much going on getting ready for Hudson's birthday party that we had Saturday night as well as taking care of either errands and such on Friday. We were going to take a mini-trip or something, but it just didn't work out with everything else we had going on this month. We might doing something later to celebrate, but I am sure that we are at least going to go out to dinner somewhere nice in a couple of weeks once things calm down a bit with our schedules.

We had both of our families over Saturday night for Hudson's party....everything went great and I will definitely post some pics later of the silly little 2 year old cutie! He totally had a blast and was SO well-behaved all night...not one single fit or breakdown AND he did NOT have a nap all day on Saturday so I guess we really got lucky! Hudson got a ton of great toys and cool clothes and I am sure that he will get a ton of use out of it all. In any case, we had a very good turnout and the party actually went on until around 11 pm when the last few people was a fun night for sure!

Yesterday we mainly cleaned up from the party and I worked for a good portion of the day.....this is another crazy busy week for us with Halloween on Friday, Claudia and Joe's wedding on Saturday (which I will be on wedding duty for the most of the day and along with this I have all of the rest of her stationery items for the wedding to finish this week in the evenings) and the post wedding brunch on Sunday, whew! I am sure that I am leaving something out as well...oh yeah, we need to go vote sometime this week too...we are thinking we might try to go this evening. David had jury duty today, but got released early so that was good! Hopefully, the week will go by smoothly and won't be too, too crazy, ha! After this week it should calm down a BIT for a while, although, Thanksgiving will be just around the corner so we shall see!

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Amanda Hopper said...

Happy 4 year anniversary and Happy Birthday to Hudson! Can't wait to see pictures from his birthday!