Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Wrap-Up....

So, I typed out a long-ass blog entry last night that took me over half an hour to type and for some reason, Blogger was on the fritz and would not / did not save or publish my post, as you might imagine, I was quite irritated about this, but eh' what can you do??? Rather than waste a bunch of time retyping my lovely, long and detailed version I have decided to instead share a shortened - bullet point version of our lovely weekend. :) It is probably less painful anyways, ha!


  • We stayed at home --- didn't do much of anything and went to bed super early. David had worked Thursday night so he was tired and I needed to get rest before the long weekend.

  • Got up fairly early and headed out to run multiple errands, etc.
  • Went and got Hudson's hair cut --- wasn't too thrilled with the end result or the stylist at Cool Cuts for Kids -- she was not very pleasant and did not appear to like her job very much, not such a great quality for someone that provides hands-on services for small children all day!
  • Dropped off my rings at Jared's for cleaning and rhodium plating...I hadn't had them done in forever and they were looking really bad.
  • Went to lunch at Pei Wei -- the food wasn't nearly as good as normal and it was NOT crowded...I figured that they must have been slacking since it wasn't busy...otherwise, I have no idea why everything seemed so sub-par.
  • After lunch, we went to the mall to do a little shopping.
    I found an awesome dress for Kasey's wedding this weekend and David found some bedding at Macy's that we had been wanting for-evah! We got a coverlet, two sheet sets and king size pillowcases for our room and saved a ton of moolah because it was all on sale and they had an additional 15% discount as well, score! Before leaving the mall, we stopped by DSW before heading to Jared's to pick up my rings.
  • Went to Jared's and almost had a heart attack because they COULDN'T FIND MY RINGS!!! I was being really calm and patient, but they flat out told me that they were having a difficult time locating them and that they must have been labeled improperly! After about 10 minutes went by, I called David on his cell (he had stayed in the car with Hudson) and told him what was going on...of course, he was furious and said to call him back if they didn't find it within the next few minutes and that he would come in. Well, it was funny because I told him that I was over looking at new settings and he said, "Well, they might just be giving you a new setting if they lost your ring and if that's the case, then I'll be making sure you get a bigger diamond too!" It was funny, even though the situation was FAR from being funny. A few more minutes passed and the associate that was helping me was able to find my ring, thank goodness!!! Apparently, the chick that took my ring when I dropped it off had put it in with another person's claim slip!!! My ring could have totally been sent home with someone else! Oh well, it didn't happen, but believe me, it was no bueno wondering if I was going to get my ring back or not!
  • After the Jared's fiasco we headed home because it was getting late and Hudson was getting tired and cranky. Once we got home, we just had dinner and played with Hudson until it was his bedtime and then I worked on some design projects for a bit before bed.


  • We got up fairly early again, had breakfast and then did some stuff around the house before taking Hudson over to Marcia's to spend the afternoon and spend the night with her.
  • After we dropped Hudson off at Marcia's we went to Costco to pick up a few things and then went to Office Max for a couple of things I needed for Claudia's invitations.
  • The rest of the day I worked on Claudia's invites and David gave Bailey a haircut, ha!
  • I had a horrible migraine that I also had on Saturday, so I went to bed super, super early Sunday night because I felt like I was about to kill over....


  • We both slept in Monday morning which was REALLY nice! I actually slept for over 12 hours which NEVER happens and I guess I really needed it because I felt 100% better when I got up yesterday morning.
  • Hudson was staying at Marcia's for most of the day, so I pretty much just worked on Claudia's invitations all day and David did the yard work and did some cleaning around the house while I worked on those.
  • That was pretty much our day....David picked up Hudson around 6 pm and then we had dinner and watched some tv before putting Hudson down for the evening.

I'm sure I missed something because it was a VERY eventful weekend, but I can't even remember everything since we were so friggin' busy...plus, I think my memory isn't as sharp as it used to be, ha! Hopefully, we will have a nice relaxing weekend sometime very soon....I need some down time and some time just to hang out with family and friends and do a whole lotta nothing! :)

(maybe this wasn't REALLY a shortened version afterall.....lol)

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Amanda Hopper said...

Oh my goodness about your rings! How scary!!!! Glad they found your rings!