Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SO Proud!

I am so proud of Hudson tonight....after dinner I told him it was time to go upstairs to watch a little tv and then go to bed. Well, he has been climbing up and down the stairs for quite some time now, but has just recently gotten to where he was actually walking up the stairs with the assistance of holding onto the wall or the handrail and tonight he actually walked up on his own without holding onto anything!!! I was carrying his blanket, sippy cup, stuffed animal, etc. and he walked up right in front of me and was even carrying a magazine in each hand (he LOVES cars and my mom gave him a couple of Ford magazines that she had received in the mail this week) while he went up the stairs! I admit, I was a bit scared he might fall, especially since he had both of his hands full, but he went right up like a champ and didn't even seem off-balance at any time or anything! Wow, my little boy is growing up soooo fast. I love to see him do new things like this, but it also makes me miss some of my mommy duties that he will no longer want before too much longer since he is becoming so independent..... :(

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