Sunday, April 26, 2009

Backyard Blossoms

We *finally* started working on our back yard landscaping (or total lack thereof) a few weeks ago and were able to start the foundation for one of the flower bed areas including some plants and ground cover as well as creating a new garden box filled with some vegetable plants also. We've planted stuff in this flower bed for the past couple of years, but everything has failed us and has died before the summer season even ended, so here's to hoping that we can get some of this stuff to live. I will also be adding some more annual florals in this flower bed as well for more color, but just wanted to get a few things in there first. 

One of the two main flower beds in our back yard. Flanked by two huge trumpet vines!

Plants waiting to be planted --- I personally planted ALL of these myself.

David cutting wood to frame his vegetable garden area.

Some of my beautiful roses in our backyard.......I have 4 rose bushes in the backyard, but several need to be cut back or pulled out and transplanted because they are planted too close together and have completely overgrown.

Aren't these roses gorgeous?!?!?!?!

The finished product. Well, finished until I add lots more flowers. We were trying to see if some of this would spread out some first, but it seems to be somewhat slow-growing.

Now some pics of what I planted and how it *should* look once it spreads and grows so more.

Coral reef sedum --- a spreading ground cover that blooms with white and pink flowers mid summer. 

Veronica -- another ground cover with pale blue / lilac toned flowers.

Pincushion flowers -- these are called Butterfly Blue and of course, attract butterflies.

Genista - I planted three of these shrubs in the back of the flower bed and unfortunately, the center one has already died. :( Not sure if these will live or not.

Ice Plant - another succulent type plant that blooms with fuchsia toned flowers in the early to mid-summer.

And this, is how Hudson entertained himself while we gardened. :) Actually, we bought him his own little (plastic) garden tools and he helped us too! It was too cute!

Here are a few pics of David's vegetable garden....I didn't get to take any on the day he planted everything, so these are actually from today.

The vegetable garden

3 tomato plants

2 squash plants

1 jalapeno plant

There was also a cucumber plant, but I think it was the first vegetable casualty. :(

Oh, and here are a couple of pics of my gorgeous red roses.....I don't remember the exact variety because I planted them YEARS ago, but they look similar to a Fire and Ice rose.


SO pretty! I think I am going to start gathering rose petals for a little something extra for my baths! :) There are a ton of roses between my 4 rosebushes in the back yard and the one large bush in the front flower bed, so I might as well do something with the ones that can't be cut and displayed.


Jess said...

Looking good! That's all Marc did today, too...yet, there is still so much to do. Hudson looks like he enjoyed "working in the yard", too!

Misty said...

Wow, I'm impressed by David's vegetable garden! I only wish I could get my hubby to garden. :)

Keep posting pics of your pretty flowers! And you need to snap some of Hudson with his gardening tools. I'm sure that was too cute!