Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Shakedown

Today was a long day for sure with some highs and lows, but overall, things could be far worse and I have to remember that we are so very blessed despite these small challenges that have been put on our plate. Here is my Cliffs Notes version of our semi-action-packed Saturday >>>

  1. Slept in until around 10 am
  2. Had fun playing with Hudson in the bed watching cartoons
  3. Got up and got ready for our day
  4. Boo - our laptop crashed last night and we can't get it to work so another thing added to our list of errands.
  5. Went to Home Depot for a part for our kitchen faucet (our faucet went kapoot Friday night and we had to purchase and install an emergency replacement, I'll post pics later of our new super pretty faucet. :D)
  6. Had a yummy lunch at Chili's - seriously, I ate like there was no tomorrow and it was SO.FREAKING.GOOD!
  7. Went to Kohl's and got Hudson shoes to wear with his Easter outfit
  8. Stopped by Best Buy to get a battery for the laptop (not the large battery, but some smaller one that David thought might be the culprit for our problems, I am no expert, so I couldn't tell ya what this was for my life!)
  9. Came home - David finished working on our kitchen faucet
  10. Popped in Kung Fu Panda in Hudson's room and cuddled with my little man in his comfy big-boy bed
  11. Proceeded to fall asleep and nap in Hudson's bed for 2 + hours (this was much needed and completely heavenly)
  12. Hudson trashed his room while I took said nap
  13. I went to CVS to get some more goodies for Hudson's Easter basket
  14. Got a pedicure and manicure
  15. David fixed the laptop while I was out, but it crashed again before I made it home.
  16. Drove home from getting nails done in the pouring rain - this was no bueno, but at least I made it to my car before the sky fell out.
  17. Said hello to the Easter bunny as I arrived home (we have a bunny that frolicks in between our house and our neighbors)
  18. David cooked the corn casserole and green bean casserole for tomorrow's lunch at my parents
  19. Dinner - leftover fajitas...super yummy!
  20. I gave Hudson a much-needed haircut and David assisted ;)
  21. Tried on countless things in my closet looking for something to wear to church service in the morning, finally found a few options that fit and look semi-cute, so I am happy for now.
  22. Filled eggs with candy for egg hunt tomorrow.
  23. Put together Hudson's Easter basket and set it up with his other goodies on what we call the Easter chair, lol!
  24. Baked lemon cheesecake bars.
  25. David relaxing a bit and playing some good-ole PS3.
  26. Checking emails and updating the blog ;)
  27. Time for bed - we have to get up early and have a long day tomorrow!
  28. Hope everyone has a very happy and incredibly blessed Easter.

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