Sunday, May 3, 2009

Easter Fun!

Okay, so I am WAY behind and am just now finishing uploading some pics to share from Easter. We had a really great Easter holiday consisting of a wonderful church service, Hudson hung out with his Nana while David and I went to church, then we picked up Hudson and went to my parents house for my family's Easter lunch which coincidentally lasted pretty much the entire afternoon, ha! We ended up skipping doing an egg hunt at my parents house since Hudson would have been the only one and instead just let Hudson hunt eggs in our house later that evening once we got home since the weather had been yucky and everything was too wet outside for a traditional egg hunt. In any case, we had a really nice, relaxing afternoon and even ended up turning in early because we were just so exhausted after such a long day!

Hudson's stash from the Easter Bunny

All kinds of chocolate and other goodies for our little man!

Hudson coming to see what all the ruckus was about, ha!

Oooh! Smiling at all of his new stuff!

Score! A Lightning McQueen carrying case....

This boy STILL loves his cars!

I also got a Cars themed card game, but I'm not sure why I thought he needed it. All he does it dump the cards out everywhere, oy!

Besides candy and the Cars themed items, he also got a cool new dinosaur toy and a couple of fun board books!

Watching a Nascar documentary, intently watching, what did I say about this boy loving cars??? Everyone teases that he'll want to become a Nascar driver when he grows up, mama says "No Way!"

Cassidy's cooky neon colored socks --- these totally reminded me of the 80's, lol!

My sister, Karen and my niece, Cassidy

Hudson at his cutest

Hudson and his cousin, Nicholas, both showed up in virtually identical outfits, ha! The only difference was color. (and obviously size, ha!)

Egg dancing....perhaps the Humpty (Dumpty) Dance, lol!

Looking BEYOND cute in his little necktie, L-O-V-E!

Checking out the chocolate bunnies with his Uncle D.J.

Hudson hugging Nicholas

Finally....a egg hunt at home. (in the living room unfortunately!)

Looking for more eggs.....

Look at how tired he looked by the end of the day. :(

Don't forget to check the dinosaur for eggs, hehe!

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Misty said...

Hudson looked so handsome in his Easter outfit. Love that vest and tie. It looks like a lot of us shopped Children's Place this year!!!!