Monday, May 18, 2009

Finally....our tv has a home!

After months upon months of searching for an entertainment unit or console that would work for our living room area, which is a quite small, limited space, we finally found a winner! I was SO happy when we found this piece and it was more or less exactly what I had been envisioning for the space. I wanted something that had clean lines and somewhat of a hybrid traditional-contemporary look since that is what I tend to really be attracted to, but the main reason we've had so many problems was because the space was not only small, but between trying to find the right look and the right size and then also the fact that I wanted a dark toned wood, it had become quite the challenge. I didn't want black, I didn't want super espresso, but more of a deep, warm mahoghany tone which apparently is next to impossible to find. The stain for this piece is actually listed as "cherry", but it is far from it in my opinion, it seems much more like a deep mahoghany, borderline espresso tone which is exactly what I wanted! Whoohoo! So, one piece down, but now we will gradually need to replace our other living room pieces to coordinate since the wood tones of our coffee table and end tables are much lighter. I don't want everything to be matchy-matchy, but rather be in the same of similar color families as far as the wood tones are concerned, so we will definitely have to replace the other pieces sooner or later. I have a feeling those will be much easier to find though. Or at least I hope so!
I plan to replace the current clock hanging over the tv with either a much larger clock with an antique-vintagy look OR hang a large piece of iron work over the tv. I haven't decided which yet. Whichever one I don't do over the tv I will likely hang over the fireplace instead.

Here are a couple of pics I took of the console earlier this evening. Please excuse the bright flash on the tv screen (and all of the lovely fingerprints, yikes!), but I just snapped these really quick and the lighting is not great in our living room right now because we need to replace the overhead lightbulbs. Oh, and yes, I was watching reruns of HIMYM. ;)

LOVE it!

In this pic the flash was really bright and it made the piece look lighter than it is in person, but you can see the warm tone of the wood better in this shot even though it looks darker IRL than in this photo.

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Jess said...'s been so long, that I forgot y'all were still looking. Looks good!