Sunday, June 21, 2009

Busy, busy, busy weekend --- wow, and the action started Friday!

I will post details and lots of pics later, but yeah, this was a doozy of a busy weekend.

  • Friday we got word that Jessica was in fact being admitted to the hospital that afternoon and that Miss Harper would be making her grand entrance this weekend nearly 3 weeks early.
  • Hudson created a "minor" (understatement of the CENTURY) disaster in our house which will cost us $$$$$. At least no one was hurt and everything can be replaced, but yeah, NO BUENO.
  • Miss Harper was born Saturday morning shortly after 10 am - she was ready to meet her mama and daddy I guess! 
  • I attended a fabulous bridal luncheon for my lovely friend Renee on Saturday.
  • David, Hudson and I hurried to the hospital after I got home from the bridal shower and we met our new niece / Hudson's new cousin. She is SO tiny at 5 lbs. 3 oz., but is totally precious and perfect! Jessica and Marc both looked great and looked very proud and relieved to finally have their baby girl in their arms safe and sound.
  • After the hospital visit, we scurried all the way back down south to Midlothian to a surprise 18th birthday party for my niece, Lindsay. Unfortunately, with everything else going on we were about an hour and a half late, so we missed the surprise portion of the evening, but it was still a great party and we got to visit with a lot of family and finally relax a little. David didn't get to relax too much though since it was a pool party and Hudson was ALL about swimming and oh, going up and down the HUGE inflatable slide thing like a thousand times, ha! It was definitely an eventful evening as well and Hudson was all tuckered out by the time we got home.
  • Today was Father's Day which consisted of me making David breakfast, Hudson giving him his gifts and then he relaxed on the couch while I went and did a little shopping for a few more maternity items since my belly wants to grow so darn fast this time around. After I finished my shopping, David finished his video-game playing and Hudson got up from his nap, we decided to go to Mi Cocina in Lake Highlands for a late lunch / early, early dinner. We were going to go out for dinner at dinner time, but were both starving and decided that we would go this route instead. Plus, I hadn't seen my dad and him and my mother had gone out for the day, so we thought maybe they would be back once we got back from dinner. So, we went to Mi Cocina and then decided to head over to the Firewheel Town Center (which we had never been and it's very nice!) so that we could go check out Carter's big $3.99 and up sale. Of course, we picked up some (okay, quite a bit) of goodies for Hudson and then headed home. In the meantime, my mom called and they were finally home, but my dad was tired and had gone to take a nap, ha! So, we decided we would let him have a relaxing evening and that I would just give him his gifts later this week when I see him since they had a long day too! Once we got home, we relaxed on the couch and watched Gran Torino. All I can say is W.O.W! that movie was truly very good and this is coming from a person that a) had never heard of the movie until David said he wanted to watch it b) didn't think the preview looked all that great when I watched it on YouTube today and c) isn't usually a Clint Eastwood fan by any means. With all of this in mind, I decided to give it a shot anyways and I am SO glad I did because the movie really was very, very good and even made me cry a bit. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it, but just a little warning, it does get sad so be prepared for the waterworks to come on eventually. 
  • And that's about it....I am sure I am leaving something out, but it was ALOT to take in in just a few days. It's late and I am absolutely, completely and entirely pooped, so I am headed to bed for some well-deserved and much-needed sleep. Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed a fabulous Father's Day as well. 
  • Happy Father's day to all of the daddies out their including my own, my hubby and the newest daddy in our family, Mr. Marc! 


aria said...

Oh my goodness, I'm curious about Hudson's house "project" if it isn't too traumatizing to share!

Rebecca said...

That's funny we watched Gran Torino last night too! I loved it. I cried too.