Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fireplace Wall - Before and After

So, we got the bright idea (no pun intended) to paint the center wall behind our fireplace red a couple of years ago and unfortunately, from the time it was finished, we were not happy with the final result. The so-called "red" paint had turned out more orangey-red and was totally NOT the red David nor myself had envisioned for this area. However, we got caught up in the day-to-day rat race and never got around to redoing it, that is, until David got a wild hair and decided that he was going to completely redo it last Sunday. We had already decided a while back that when we got around to it, we meaning David, that he would paint the wall the same neutral khaki type tone that we used under the chair railing in our dining room. Well, he still needs to do some touching up and I have to buy some new decor items for the mantle now, but it is finished for the most part and looks a million times better! We both seriously LOVE it and cannot wait to finish the touch-ups and the mantle decor along with probably purchasing a new fireplace screen among other things. Here is a before and after pic for reference.....I could only find a pic from Christmas for the before pic and excuse the mess (and dead flowers) in the after pic. I just got antsy and decided to go ahead and take a quick snapshot even though we haven't cleaned or straightened up yet this weekend. David is in the middle of another big project, so we were waiting on that to be finished before doing the "weekly clean".

Before - ugly orangey-red gone wrong.....this look was BAD and even worse with the holiday decor all out in full-swing.
Red wall = BIG FAT FAIL!

After - chic and pretty neutral tan color that totally complements our decor far better and brings out some fantastic highlights in the slate fireplace surround. LOVE!


himee said...

I love it, too! What an improvement!

Lauren said...

It looks great!