Monday, June 8, 2009

Prayers Answered

I finally had the long-awaited NT scan this morning and am so relieved to say that all went very well at the appointment and from what could be seen in the scan, the baby looks completely healthy. Dr. W said that the measurements were what they should be based on where I am at in my pregnancy and that he did not see anything of concern to him. The scan itself was fairly quick, but it was really cool seeing the baby now that it has gotten bigger and was actually very active too! I had blood drawn after the scan and should hear back the test results by the end of the week. I would like to ask for continued prayers during this time and the coming months that all turns out as it should with this testing and the additional tests and that we will have a healthy baby in our arms come December. I feel much more confident in this becoming a reality now, but we are not in the clear and of course, even if all is well with the baby's development, anything could happen during a pregnancy, so I continue to pray for a very healthy and uneventful one.

After Dr. W. was done doing all of the measurements, he asked if we wanted him to give us his guess at the gender and of course we said yes! Only after pausing for a minute, looking at each other, taking a deep breath and giggling.....we finally blurted out - yes, ha! So, he said...."Don't go out and paint the nursery just yet, but I think you are going to be having a little baby B-O-Y!!

Yep, that's right, another boy! We were both a little (more like a lot) shocked when he told us, but although we both were kind of loving the idea of a sweet little girl, we are just as escactic about the thought of having another sweet little boy of our own too! I get to have two mama's boys?!?! What more could I ask for?!?! In all honesty, I (we) just want a healthy baby above all else, so that's the most important thing to us! Oddly enough, I think I knew all along that was going to be the prediction, but thought that possibly my mother's intuition was wrong and that we would be surprised in a new way this time around. Now, Dr. W. did say he would confirm for sure at my next appointment in 5 weeks, but he also sounded VERY confident and even said that he did not expect his prediction to change which I took as a sign that he must have seen something pretty convincing to support his guess! Although, David and I didn't see nada except an adorable little baby virtually waving at us and the cutest little profile ever! We did both think in our heads that Dr. W. might just tell us boy when we saw and heard the heartbeat and it was now at 154 instead of the 164 that it had been just a week ago. Although, the concept of girls having a faster heartbeat is supposedly an Old Wives tale, it still seems to hold true for many and we instantly thought that since the heartbeat had dropped so much that it might just be a sign of a boy and it seems that we were probably right!

We are already contemplating names and playing out all of the scenarios which involve having two sons and it's been quite comical already to be honest! I just hope that they love each other and are the best brothers they can be to one another. I know Hudson will LOVE having a little brother to play with (and get into trouble with, lol!), but I just hope that we have enough room for all of the Hot Wheels two little boys can acquire!! Yikes! More than anything....I just cannot wait to meet our little boy, coddle him in my arms and pepper him with sweet little kisses!

Here is the one and only picture that we got today from the appointment, but it's a great profile shot of our little boy.

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Misty said...

I'm thrilled that your ultrasound left you feeling so positive! Two mamma's boys?!!!

Tucker always had a very high heart rate, while Macy's was much lower. So I do believe that it's just an Old Wives Tale!