Monday, June 22, 2009


As Hudson would call it....yep, I would definitely call it a MESS too, but that might just still be the understatement of the century. Apparently, while I was at work on Friday and Hudson was home with David, Hudson somehow found some ink jet printer cartridge refill bottles from oh, I don't know, forever ago tucked away in some drawer in David's chest and proceeded to do this (see below pics) unbeknownst to David. WARNING - Photos should not be viewed by the faint of heart. ;)

David actually called me at work to let me know that Marc had called to confirm that they were going to be admitting Jessica to the hospital that afternoon, but then he proceeded to tell me that he had a "little bit of a situation" on his hands, well, I would say so, huh?!?!?! He told me it was bad and that the entire carpet in our bedroom was covered, the sheets, pillows, in fact all of the bedding had been stained, the curtains in our bedroom, walls, doors, etc. And of course, Hudson was covered from head to toe in basically permanent ink!!! I pictured it in my mind and knew it was going to be a sight to see, but the reality didn't quite hit me until I walked into our bedroom after work that evening, YIKES! It was truly a disaster area.....fortunately, Hudson didn't get any in his eyes or ingest it or anything, but rather was just playing in it like he thought it was crayons or markers or something. So, thankfully it's just a huge mess that will cost a pretty penny and that's it. To say the least, we will be having to buy all new bedding and pillows and get a moving on getting our carpet replaced a little bit quicker than it probably would have happened. Next weekend we are going to start going back through every single drawer, closet, pantry, etc. and start the process of cleaning house and re-baby-proofing everything since obviously since things have been missed or slipped. Funny thing is, neither myself or David even knew that the ink was there. We had bought it several years ago and it didn't work, so we both thought it got thrown away, but apparently someone (who shall remain unknown, although I think it must have been David, ha!) tucked it away in the back of some drawer. In any case, it is no longer in existence with the exception of it being splattered all over the entire contents our of master bedroom. Hopefully, once it is gone I never lay eyes on such a thing again! ;)


Misty said...

OH no! I can only imagine the horror as you laid eyes upon your bedroom. I guess kids will be kids. Somehow they manage to find things that we overlook! Tucker once took a permanent marker to one of his books (thank goodness nothing else!) and we still have no idea where the marker came from!

Amanda Hopper said...

Oh my! Boys will be boys...that is for sure!! Glad it wasn't anything worse! :(

Jess said...

Wait...where's a Hudson pic!