Sunday, August 23, 2009

6 Months....

All I can say is wow....I've finally hit the 6 month mark in my pregnancy and I couldn't be happier. This little boy has so much love for him already that it is unreal and we cannot wait to meet him, see his sweet little face, pepper him with a million tiny baby kisses and coddle him to our heart's content. It's weird because I feel like these 6 months have both gone by quickly and slowly depending on what aspects I think back upon. Waiting to hear the heartbeat for the first time, seeing him for the first time, knowing that he was in fact a he for the first time and being told the best news in the world, which was that it appears that we have a completely, perfectly healthy little boy on our hands and that he is thriving and growing just as he should be. These were all immensely important moments throughout my pregnancy that I waited in worry for and held my breathe along the way, but I was (we all were) so relieved and overjoyed as we met each milestone and moved on to the next bearing good news and blessings of good health all along the way. The entire time, praying and having the faith that all would be as it should and as God see fit. He is indeed good and has blessed us with a healthy baby thus far and all of the other amazing blessings in our life for which we are eternally grateful for. Truly, we are beyond blessed and impatiently look forward to the day that our son is here in our arms with us and we get to begin the new chapter of our family.

As far as my pregnancy is concerned, I continue to feel really well and besides a continually lack of sleep that seems to be progressing week by week, all else seems to be going well. I have my next monthly OB appointment on Tuesday and can't wait of course to hear our little one's heartbeat yet again. He has made himself overly present these days becoming quite the active little guy, seemingly kicking and moving around frequently throughout the day (and night!) We still have yet to pick out a name, but no hurry, we don't want to rush the process and want to ensure that in the end, we find the perfect name for our little one rather than just picking the first name that catches our attention. Other than that, no new news, no dramatic updates, baby purchases or anything of the sort.....we've just been trying to stay afloat with everything else going on and hoping that things slow down *just a little* in the coming months so that we have enough time to do the things we need to. It shouldn't be difficult and truly, we know that it will all work out in the end so we are trying not to rush or worry about anything. I am just thrilled to be even closer to meeting my little boy and can't wait to hold him in my arms! And I'm not the only one, daddy and Hudson cannot wait to meet him either!

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Misty said...

So happy that your pregnancy is progressing as it should! And I'm all for taking time deciding on a name. Macy didn't have one until she was nearly 24 hours old. :)

Yep, T's Rolling Stones shirt is from Old Navy!