Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Modeling with Mater....

We finally decided a couple of weekends ago to buy Hudson some big-boy underwear in the hopes that it will motivate him to start going to potty in the potty rather than his diaper and hopefully, help us get him potty-trained before baby boy arrives in December. My thought process was that he loves Cars and so many of the cartoon characters and superheroes, etc. so much that being able to wear underwear donning his favorite characters would be just the thing to kick-start his interest in potty-training again. Well, he hasn't taken any new interest in actually using the potty for it's true purpose, however he did love putting on the underwear and of course, mommy was there chasing him around with the camera to ensure that I could snap a few quick pics of my cutie in his first pair of big boy he is modeling with his Mater undies on, lol!!!! SO darn cute!

I honestly think in the last pic that we were probably telling him how cute he was and how he needed to learn to use the potty so he could wear cool underwear like those everyday and he basically tuned us out, covered his ears and was saying la-la-la-la-la, I'm not listening to you! He definitely sports a bit of a stubborn streak just like his mama and daddy!

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