Friday, August 28, 2009

How Bout.....

"How bout" is one of Hudson's favorite new phrases that he likes to say
all of the time now and I think it's just SO darn cute. He says it real slow too, like Howwwww bouttttt and then inserts something he wants to do.

For example:

"How bouttttt we watch Cars!"
"How bouttttt we go Grandma's!"
"How bouttttt we go Nana's!"
"How bouttttt we play Hot Wheels!"

And his all-time favorite phrase.....
"How bouttttt we go to Target!"

Of course, that is now a conversation that we literally have almost daily, ha!

Hudson - "How bouttttt we go to Target!"
Me - "No, we can't go to Target today babe, maybe this weekend."
Hudson - "No, how bouttttt we go to Target mom!"
Me - "No, we can't go today, why do you need to go to Target?"
Hudson - "Mom, I need go Target cause I need cars. I want more cars."
Me - "No, you don't really need more cars, but you always get them when we go to Target, so I know why you want to go, but we can't go today."
Hudson - "How boutttt....." (insert a new request here, lol!)

LOL! This kid cracks me up and he has no shame in straight up telling you, I want cars so we need to go buy some, ha!!!! Oh my, I can only imagine what will happen once there are two boys in our house, hahahaha!!!