Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Few Pics of the Casa

Random enough, but I took a few pics last night of a couple areas of the house to show our new carpet and how different it makes everything look. Not sure if the pics are serving the full purpose that I wanted them to and of course, they don't do justice to how beautiful the carpet looks in person, but you can definitely tell a dramatic difference especially on the living and staircase pics. The other rooms weren't really looking too photogenic right now, lol, so I just focused on a couple of areas to give an idea of the overall new look that the carpet has created. We have a
long way to go on other things we need to do to the house overall, but there has definitely been a huge transformation made with just replacing that old nasty carpet with the new pretty stuff! Now we need a new coffee table and end tables to match closer to our entertainment console as well as possibly getting some other new furniture pieces in other areas as well including getting all new furniture for Hudson of course. Other top projects that need to be focused on: painting trim throughout the house, working on the baby's nursery and Hudson's room, doing some changes to the bathroom, working on some things in the kitchen, hanging new cabinets and painting the laundry room, etc., etc., etc! Oh, I tell you, the fun projects just never end, ha!

Living room view from foyer

Living room view from dining room

Another living room view from dining room

Another living room view from foyer

Foyer view from dining room

Staircase view from foyer

My office area / loft living room / playroom
Ha! Our multi-purpose room now.
Excuse my desk area looking a bit cluttered.

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