Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Week 22 - Fun Mama-To-Be Facts

How far along? 22 weeks, 3 days

Total weight gain/loss: 12 pounds, not great, but within reason especially considering this isn't my first pregnancy and it seems like I got bigger quicker. Still trying to shoot for 30 lbs. or so (give or take a couple) for the entire pregnancy, but not sure how close I might get to that in the end. It would be SO much better had I not already been about 15 lbs. over my normal weight when I got pregnant, but not too much I can do about that now, ha! My weight gain has been fairly consistent and low for the most part with the exception of a huge burst between my 12 week and 16 week appointment, *exactly* when I "popped" and started looking obviously pregnant.I've gained very little since then, thank goodness! :)

Maternity clothes? Yes, but still wearing some non-maternity clothes for now.

Stretch marks? No new ones that I have spotted yet!

Sleep: Not doing too, too bad, but it's definitely getting increasingly difficult as my belly grows and as little baby boy is a night owl and decides to start having his own Dance Party USA in my belly whenever I lie down to go to sleep.

Best moment this week: Feeling all the little kicks more and Hudson giving mama's belly lots of hugs and kisses. He even says love you baby to the baby, ha!

Movement: Definitely getting stronger and increasingly more often....now I am ready to be able to see him kick! I've seen a little blurb here and there, but nothing too dramatic thus far.

Food cravings: Nothing new....loving to crunch on crushed ice these days though. Must be a pregnant thing for sure though because I don't recall doing this much before.

Gender: Still a boy I presume....not sure when my next ultrasound will be.

Labor Signs: Nada, thank goodness!

Belly Button in or out? Hanging "in" there!

What I miss: Not having to pull my pants up all of the time! For some reason the super secret-fit belly always falls down on me and then my entire jeans start to sag....doesn't matter if it's my cheapo ones or designer ones either, they all do it and it drives me crazy pulling them up and repositioning them all day long. Thank goodness this is the biggest of my worries lately though....hoping I can escape any swelling / edema for the remainder of the hot summer months since I have had none so far to date.

What I am looking forward to: Baby related ---- my next OB appt. in two weeks from today and then hopefully, ordering crib bedding and other fun goodies for baby boy in the upcoming weeks as well. Non-baby related --- getting all new carpet installed on Friday. Can.not.wait!

Weekly Wisdom: Sometimes you have to slow down and say no for the sake of both your health and your sanity. I am slowing learning this with this pregnancy and trying to always take on far more than I probably should. One of my weaknesses for sure.

Milestone: Making it over half-way through this pregnancy and doing so with a healthy baby and mama thus far. Cutting back hours at work a tad bit to accommodate mama's increasingly less than stellar sleeping habits.

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