Friday, September 11, 2009

Change of Plans.....Maybe???

So, I *thought* I had it all figured out in regards to what I was wanting to do for baby boy's nursery and for the bedding that I had planned on having custom made etc., etc., but now, I am having second thoughts. In fact, I am almost entirely convinced that I w
ant to go with the original bedding David and I found when we first found out we were having a boy, instead of the bedding ideas that I had posted on the blog previously. Several factors are swaying my decision in favor of the below bedding and decor concept vs. the custom bedding, but primarily I am just afraid that I won't love the custom bedding when it's done and then I'll be stuck with it. I was going to hire someone from Etsy to make it, so I wouldn't get to see it until it was done and there would be no hands on communication regarding the design, so that makes me nervous. I keep thinking of the what-if's - What if the fabrics don't end up looking as good together when it's done? What if it's not as cute as I envisioned? What if the quality is lacking? What if the bedding doesn't fit the crib properly? All of these things make me nervous and hesitant to move forward with the custom bedding I had created in my mind and for a while, had my heart set on. Plus, what color would we paint the nursery?? We will need to paint the lower wall under the chair rail an accenting color and I just think that ALL of the colors in the fabrics I selected for the custom bedding would be way too loud and vibrant for the room and don't really know what else would work. This brings me to a standstill and a point where I just need to make a decision and get it ordered soon, so that I can start on his room once Hudson's furniture is delivered and setup. Which, will hopefully happen sometime within the next 5 weeks or so since they said it would likely take 4 weeks or so for the furniture pieces to come in and then we have to schedule a delivery time.

In any case, I'm starting to feel a bit of anxiety about some of these "loose ends" that were things that initially I was in no hurry to rush to get done, but now that we are down to about 12 weeks before our baby boy will be here I am starting to feel a bit of pressure to get on the ball and get them taken care of just so I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it is taken care of and it's not something remaining on my to-do list to stress and worry over. (not that bedding is of that great of importance, but you know what I mean as far as just feeling like you are prepared for the baby and not trying to rush at the last minute)

So, below are some photos of the other bedding that David and I actually found and liked right after we found out we were having another boy. We looked at it again last weekend and still really like it and think it would be really cute for our baby boy's room. I would order the cute wall canvases to coordinate and would likely order the mobile, but hanging it from the ceiling near his crib overhead rather than to fixture the piece onto the crib and then create a theme around the vintage tricycle, scooter, wagon kind of concept. Surprisingly, the cost isn't really any less than what I was going to pay for the custom bedding for the most part, so that's not really a factor more of what will look best and be easy to decorate around. As far as paint goes, we both think it would look awesome to paint the bottom of the walls the pretty blue toned color from the bedding set for a nice splash of color without it being too loud or too muted. The blue has more of a green-toned or aqua-toned base to it, so it's pretty different from the blue on the walls of the room now, but would be easy to change. Anyways, just thinking outloud here, but I really think this bedding and overall theme would be SO cute and would work really well and would also be something that I wouldn't have to worry about because I
know I like it and that's it's good quality because I have seen it in person already. What do you think??? Any ideas, opinions, suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am torn and need to make a decision soon....for my sanity if nothing else, ha!


Jamie said...

I LOVE that bedding! I think you should get it because you KNOW you like it and have seen it in person. I have seen it in person, too, and I think it looks great! However, it's your baby's room, so it's ultimately up to what YOU like!

Courtney said...

I love this theme - so cute! The custom bedding was cute too, but I understand the apprehension in ordering something sight-unseen. If it were me, I'd go with the known entity. GL in making the decision!