Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Coming Together....

OR at least we have somewhat of a game plan, ha!

I *think* that I mentioned a while back that we had finally found and ordered new furniture for Hudson for when we move him from his current room, which will become the nursery for the baby, to his new "big boy" room and I just wanted to show some pics of what the furniture looks like more or less along with a pic of the bedding we bought for his new bed as well. His furniture was set to take about a month to get it, so hopefully we should be hearing something from the furniture company sometime over the next week in regards to setting up a delivery date. I can't wait to finally find out when it is finally here and to get started on both of the boys' rooms. We still need to move everything that is left in Hudson's new room out and then paint before moving the furniture in. (if we do a colored accent wall or anything which we are considering) Once that is done, we can move everything else over and start decorating and finishing the final touches so that his room will be done. Baby boy's room won't be too difficult to complete since all of the furniture is in place, bedding is ordered and on it's way, so it will mostly consist of doing some painting (changing the paint around the bottom of the walls of the room under the chair rail to coordinate with the new bedding and theme) and then hanging wall decor and lastly finishing any other decorative accents before starting to fill the closet and drawers with all things tiny and blue for baby boy, hehe! So exciting I tell ya and we've got quite a bit to do before baby boy arrives in just 10 short weeks! YIKES! I know, I keep saying 10 short weeks because it is a relatively short time frame, but for me I am sure it will seem much longer between now and then. I know everything will come together, so I am trying my best not to stress as that does no good for anyone!

So, like I said, hopefully the furniture comes in within the next week or two and then we can get things started. Here are a few pics of the furniture pieces we've ordered as well as the bedding for Hudson's room. The theme isn't exactly decided for sure, but we do have some car decor and other things related to transportation that we've purchased for his room so it will likely be something along those lines.

Full sized panel bed (similar to the one above except without the storage trundle underneath) The color of the furniture in person is also quite a bit darker, richer toned wood.

Seven drawer traditional styled dresser (we did not order a mirror)


Striped Henley bedding from PBTeen
(liked this more than any of the current collections on PBK)

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Lauren said...

Love the furniture! That is going to look great!