Monday, September 14, 2009

Hook 'Em Horns!

Much to my demise (or at least during football season anyways!), I have been blessed with a husband that not only loves pro football he also loves college football as well. Lucky me, right?!?! Well, he also loves basketball, both pro and college as well, but that's whole another story....anyways, back to my point, I promise I do have one, ha!

When it comes to college football, his favorite team is the Texas Longhorns and he always enjoys watching the games and keeps up with the team from season to season. I am pretty much oblivious to anything related to college football, but figure that if you're going to be a fan for any Texas university team, it might as well be the Longhorns, right???I mean, I would have loved to have gone there and love Austin more than you can imagine, so I just roll with the punches since I know no better. So, I elect to call myself a Longhorn fan as well, although I've only seen a handful of games in my life! (I know, I have killer reasoning behind this, haha!) Well, I was recently browsing one of my favorite Etsy shops when I came across none other than the cutest custom boutique burp cloths that are actually made using the NCAA fabric of your choice and I knew immediately that I needed to order some for baby boy as a surprise for David. Just because really, but also because I always order the cutesy things I like and figured baby boy should also have some things that daddy would really like and be proud of too! So, I ordered a set of (2) Texas Longhorns burp cloths and received them last week. I didn't tell David that I had ordered them at all because I thought it was kind of a cute surprise purchase even though they were burp cloths and not a gift for him or anything. So, when they arrived in the mail last week I waited for David to get home and had Hudson take them to him and say surprise daddy! I had already told him it was something for the baby, but a surprise so he wasn't totally confused by it, but once Hudson handed them to him he said "Is this a blanket?" LOL! Um no, that would be one TINY blanket, haha! I told him no and that they were burp cloths and that I ordered for the baby since I know how much he loves the Longhorns and he then says "Oh no, these are going to be my game towels!" LOL! Apparently, he thinks they would make the perfect spirit / rally towels to swing in the air while he watches the game, hahaha! I told him "hands off" and that those are exclusively for burping the baby! Although, I wouldn't be surprised if I catch him twirling them around in the air before too long though, lol! SO funny!

Here is the Etsy shop I ordered them from in case anyone is interested in ordering some featuring their favorite team's logoed fabric - Custom Designs by Mimi.

Oh, and here is a picture of the fabric that they are made of....the other side is fluffy, soft chenille fabric. Love them!

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