Tuesday, September 15, 2009

True Story.....Bathtime Addict

I just called David since I am on lunch break and he proceeds to tell me about something that happened today with Hudson that seems to further prove he is one clever little boy! Let me preface this by saying, Hudson LOVES to take baths, like seriously loves bath time and never resists taking a bath, but rather asks for them. Not your normal toddler for the most part, I mean, he throws a fit that I secretly sneak off to take baths now because a) I think he might just be too old to be bathing with mommy, but more importantly b) because mommy now has a huge belly and it is already quite difficult for me to get in and out of the jacuzzi tub by myself, not to mention trying to share a bath with an almost 3 year old active toddler. Not an easy task I promise you! In any case, he loves his baths and has apparently cleverly devised his own little sneaky way to get one even if he doesn't need one.

So, here's his new trick....
1) Ask daddy for pudding
2) Daddy gives him a pudding cup and has him sit at the dining table to eat it
3) He begins taking a few bites and does his whole "Mmm, mmmm" thing, like this is SO good
4) Proceeds to smear pudding all over face and other body parts
5) Goes to daddy and says "Hun needs a bath."

LOL! Apparently, he has figured out if he gets food all over him, particularly pudding because that had happened a few times recently, that it is a surefire way for him to get a bath pronto! Not sure if he is *really* doing it on purpose or not, but his daddy sure does suspect that's what he's doing, ha! I guess we'll see how long before he does it again, hehe!

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