Thursday, March 12, 2009

Twisted Root = Y.U.M.M.Y!

So, I am kind of late posting this, but figured that it would be a complete injustice if I didn't so here it goes! :) I *finally* got the pleasure of dining at the newly famous Twisted Root Burger Company located in the heart of Deep Ellum this past Friday and all I can say is OMG, this place is SO freakin' yummy! I knew it had to be after all of the rave reviews I had heard, but I am a picky burger eater and just wasn't sure if they could meet my very specific standards when it comes to a big ole' burger piled high with all of the fixins' and boy, they certainly did meet and possibly even exceed my expectations! I now have a second favorite burger place in Dallas, the first being Snuffers of course....but seriously, I want to know how they acheive such a fabulously seasoned and perfect cooked meat pattie like they do??? And honestly, that Chipotle ketchup and over-sized barrel of spicy dill pickle slices is like seriously to die for! In any case, we went Friday night for a family dinner, followed by shopping at Northpark afterward and were SO pleased that the food was so good and the atmosphere was completely laid back, which we love and crave especially when toting around a fiesty little toddler, ha! Oh, and on that note, I couldn't not tell this story without including one little mishap from our otherwise fabulous evening out. Unfortunately, some (pardon my french) witchy-old hag made some comment outloud about Hudson because he was being a little loud and so she decided to say outloud "Are you going to shut that *THING* up?" Now, I didn't personally hear this comment, but David did and told me and then responded by looking at her and saying "Did you call my child a thing? My son is not a "thing"?" In any case, this royally ticked both of us off because first off - it was just completely rude and inappropriate to say something like that, but secondly because if you've been to Twisted Root then you know it is a louder dining establishment and not like some quiet, hoity-toity 5 star fine-dining experience. No, it's basically like a total hole-in-the-wall laid back totally cool place so I was absolutely surprised that we had any problems like this in the first place and I just can't believe that this witch thought that she could act that way. I considered telling her what I thought of her, but instead decided to keep my mouth shut and just shot her dirty looks for the rest of the dinner. Besides, there were 4 or 5 Dallas Police Officers dining across from us and the last thing I needed was to go to jail for having to get in a throwdown with an old lady, lol! Otherwise, the food was fantastic and the evening was LOVELY!

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Courtney said...

I'm glad you liked it! It's a personal fave of mine. I'm so sorry that horrible old woman said such a mean thing. Some people are just miserable human beings. And you're right - Twisted Root is loud and boisterous and you shouldn't have to feel bad about having a kid there. What a witch!