Saturday, March 28, 2009

Class Dismissed

So, I just spent nearly my entire Saturday taking an oh-so lovely online Defensive Driving course for the crappy ticket that I got back in January. It was a 6 hour course, but with the mandatory breaks and my own little breaks it ended up taking closer to 8 hours, OUCH! In any case, it definitely was less than fun and definitely not the way I wanted to spend my Saturday, but I have to do it and wanted to just get it over with rather than waiting till the last minute and honestly, it wasn't really *that* terrible just kind of long and tedious. The important thing is that it is now done and I don't have to worry about it anymore! Whoohoo!!!!

Oh, and for what it's worth, yes I did pass and with flying colors too!

After I finally finished my Defensive Driving course I decided that I needed a nice warm bath, I haven't felt great the past several days and feel very stressed right now, so I figured a long warm bath was in order. I went to the kitchen to let David know I was going to go take a bath since he was about to start cooking dinner, (one of my favorites too - vodka penne!!) and he replied with the following "You should probably take a beer with you." Of course, I laughed it off and thought that he was completely joking, he said that he actually wasn't and that he thought that I might really need one since I've seemed so stressed and irritable today and that it might help me to relax and wind down, so I decided that he was absolutely right and took him up on his suggestion! So, it was a warm bubbly bath for me and I had an ice-cold Michelob Ultra which completed the heavenly experience. I have a feeling I will sleep much better tonight or at least I sure hope I do!

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