Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shopping Solves Everything....

Well, maybe shopping doesn't solve everything, but it sures does take your mind off of things every once in a while and that's something I've definitely needed lately. Speaking of shopping, I did do a little shopping spree of sorts this past Sunday afternoon and got some much needed items off of my wish list. It wasn't really the shopping trip that I had planned as we had gone to brunch earlier in the day with Jessica, Marc and Marcia and we had initially planned on possibly going to the Arboretum afterward, but with all of the recent rain the Arboretum was sure to be a bust, so David and I had then discussed possibly doing a little run up to the Allen outlet malls for some shopping. We both need new clothes (I held off on buying anything new when I found out I was pg, so I haven't hardly bought anything since before October of last year besides the maternity clothes that are still sitting in a box in my closet, but I digress), Hudson needs new clothes for the spring and summer and we wanted to do some other various shopping as well.

Anyways, we all met up for an amazing brunch at La Duni, seriously it was SO yummy and the mojitos were to.die.for. (Thanks for the invite Jess) We had a great time catching up and chowing down on the fab food and in true Hudson nature, he had to make our meal interesting. Between the impatient squirming and not wanting to sit or be held prior to us being seated, to him thinking that he too should have a mojito, lol, to him drinking virtually all of the water on the table and as a result what did he do??? He peed his pants! Then he sat in his pee pants without any of us knowing until uncle Marc picked him up and realized that Hudson had wet himself. Poor Hudson and poor Marc! It was somewhat comical for an instant, but we had no change of clothes for Hudson or anything so off David went with Hudson to go change his diaper in the car and try to clean him up. At this point it was the end of the meal anyways, so we figured that David wouldn't come back in. Well, while we were waiting for the bill and guess who decided to show up for brunch / lunch as well???? Drumroll please............Jerry Jones! Yep, that's right, he and his wife walked in and sat down in the corner behind the area we were seated. I started to call David on his cell to tell him, but decided that it would probably make him mad so I didn't. Well, minutes later David walked back in with Hudson (pee pants and all) and he got to see Jerry himself. It was pretty cool I guess....although, probably more-so for the guys then the girls. Anyways, it was definitely a very interesting and fun meal to say the least. Thanks to Marcia for the birthday brunch. :)

After we left I really wanted to go shopping still and figured, what the heck, we can just buy Hudson something else to wear since we are going to be buying him clothes anyways, but David was over it and didn't want to shop. At the time, I acted like a brat and got really upset about it which ensued into us fighting with each other all the way home. (Sorry Marcia for having to put up with us when we act like that....I know it's no fun!) So, once we got home I decided that I was still going to go shopping, but that I would go alone to the new shopping center in Cedar Hill. David and I still weren't talking to each other, but by the time I hit up Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret (big mistake....I bought a ton and will be going back this weekend) I decided to call him and we basically made up. I then hit up Ulta which was an even bigger mistake because not only did I get the things I needed there, but also picked up numerous other little goodies I had been wanting for a while! Oops! I did feel better though. :) So, I finished up at Target picking up some household items and then headed home. Once I got home I was so proud of all of my finds that I had to show them all off to David and he was pretty impressed that I had done so well and even liked most of what I picked out at VS! It was just a bunch of frilly undies, but I am weird about that stuff so I was super psyched that I found so much I liked and even more-so when he commented on it! Ha! So, the moral of my long-ass drawn-out story is that sometimes shopping does solve everything! Or at least, in this case, it definitely didn't hurt. ;)

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