Sunday, March 15, 2009

Slides and Swings and Dinosaurs!?!?! Oh My!

Better late than promised, here are some of my favorite photos from our afternoon trip to the park last weekend. We definitely had a great time and learned that Hudson still does not like to swing! To protect his honor, I excluded all of the photos of him looking completely terrified on the swing, hope he remembers that someday! ;)


Misty said...

What great photos! Hudson is such a cutie, and love his little outfit. It looks like you ALL had fun at the park! :)

Laura Musa said...

Yall are cool parents & your kid rocks!! I LOVE his t-shirt. I need to have a kid so I can dress him/her in Beatles tshirts. :)

House of Brodt said...

AW! Thanks guys. Yeah, his t-shirt was actually bought for him by his Nana when she saw the Beatles Love show in Vegas. She gets all the props for the rockin' t-shirt in this case!