Sunday, March 15, 2009


I know I haven't posted many photos lately, so I figured I would post a few random shots of the little man from a couple of weeks ago. I love the range of emotions from one pic to the next...our son is definitely not without a personality! LOVE every single one of them too!

Playing with some of his Hot Wheels on our homemade knock-off PB shelves that have still yet to be stained....going on 4 years or so maybe??? Heck, maybe longer!?!?!
(I promise, this is on our never-ending to do list!)
I believe he was saying "ju-iccccce" here. He always whines the word juice whens he says it like he *knows* that we are going to try to trick him and give him *agua* instead. :)

"Cheeeeese" - I love these smiles more than anything in the world! Makes my heart melt!

Okay, this is NOT a good look, ha!
He was angry because I had not gotten him that juice he wanted.....
SO demanding I tell ya!

This is a puzzled look I believe....I think he is thinking WTH are you still taking pictures of me when I need "ju-iccccce!!!!"
Because I'm the mommy, that's why! ;)

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