Thursday, March 5, 2009

No Turkey Babies For Us....

It's officially been 2 months since our loss and unfortunately, we have not been blessed with another baby this first cycle post-m/c. After 3 pregnancy tests over the past week (or less than a full-week actually!) it seems as if we will not be having a Turkey baby come November.


I was hoping for a big fat positive, but I guess that would be too easy, huh?!? Guess we'll be praying for a December baby now....that, my friends would be the best Christmas gift ever. :)


Carie said...

December babies are cool. We do tend to get Merry Birthday presents though. LOL

Courtney said...

I'm fond of December...since I got married that month. :) And I just realized that you were married on my Golden Birthday - you know, the day you turn the same age as your birthdate? I was 24 on the 24th on 10/24/2004...your wedding date! Cool coincidence, or needless fact? You decide.