Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bring Me Two Pina Coladas.....

Actually, these aren't both for me, ha! One is for the hubby too....I got an itch for a pina colada last night and decided to make a pitcher up while David was grilling steaks and boy were they yummy! It was a great evening actually....I hung out on the patio surfing the net and watching Hudson ran around mowing the yard with one of his play lawn mowers while David ran to the store. Once he came back, he grilled some delicious rib-eyes, I made these yummy drinks and then we all sat down for dinner and watched American Idol that we have Tivo'd earlier in the week. By the way, these yummy concoctions are my new signature drink invention - CHERRY PINA COLADAS! I decided to get a little creative and added a handful of marascino cherries, a few spoonfuls of cherry juice and a scoop of sugar and they were absolutely divine!

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