Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Date Night

This past Saturday we were ever-so-lucky to have Marcia offer to watch Hudson during the day and to spend the night with her as well so that we could have a day to ourselves. This doesn't happen all together too often, so a day alone without the little man was planned and boy was I thrilled to have some time to catch up on some work, David was able to clean out the garage (yes, again....it fills up quickly it seems!) and then we went out for a mini-date night if you will. Nothing extravagant, and in fact, we didn't really even discuss where we were going to go to dinner until about an hour before we left the house so it was totally low-key for sure. In any case, we decided to run over to the new Cedar Hill shopping center quickly before dinner because David had seen some sunglasses at Dillards Northpark the week before and wanted to see if they had them there since it was already after 8 pm and we didn't really have time to make it to Northpark before everything closed. So, we hurried over to Dillards just to be disappointed that they in fact did not have these sunglasses he wanted nor did they have much of any interest in general, ha! It doesn't help much to have this new shopping center near us if the stores don't carry similar product / items as their other locations and unfortunately for us, it seems like the inventory at the specific Dillards is definitely lacking. In any case, we left the store defeated and I guess since it was already 9 pm David thought it might be a better idea to just go eat nearby since we had planned on driving to Victory Park to eat at Luna de Noche and he just wanted to eat and go home. So David asked if I wanted to go to Patrizio since we had been wanting to go, but hadn't had an opportunity to try it out since we figured it was not so much a kid-friendly type of establishment. I'd been to Patrizio before and LOVED it, but that was the location in Highland Park Village and it has been like 10 years ago or something since I had been, ha! So, we decided that we would give it a go and unfortunately, it wasn't quite the same yummy experience that I had remembered from many years ago. To be fair, our entrees were actually very, very good and the Bellini I had was extremely yummy, so it wasn't a poor experience overall, but the service and ambiance was just 'eh and our appetizer was cold. The bread that they serve prior to your meal was cold and unimpressive as well. 'Eh, what are you going to do? I guess it wasn't *that* bad since we were only unhappy about part of the dinner experience, but seriously, I was SO sad afterward that I didn't push to go ahead and go to Luna de Noche because I *know* I would have thoroughly enjoyed my dinner there. To say the least, we *probably* won't eat at that location again, but it is pretty convenient so who's to say that we won't give it another try someday....but strike two and they'll likely be out!

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