Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

Another weekend gone and all too fast once again! We did however happen to have quite a nice weekend, so at least that is something. ;) Saturday was a day filled with shopping at the Allen Outlet mall and boy did we ever shop! I love to shop, but it seems like often times we just don't have great luck if we are trying to shop for more thing one thing or say, for more than one person. Well, not this time....all of us ended up scoring quite a bit of new clothes, which honestly, for once we all really needed. Hudson definitely needed some new clothes for the spring and summer since everything that he has that fits him right now is all fall and winter clothes, so we were able to get him a ton of stuff. He should be fairly set for a while now! David rarely buys himself clothes, so he definitely needed to pick up some new things and I hadn't bought anything new in forever since I had put off buying clothes when I was pregnant and kept thinking I would just wait since I would need to buy all new maternity anyways. So, I finally bought some new stuff and totally scored! I got a bunch of shirts at Banana Republic and Ann Taylor as well as a few casual polo style tops at the Gap and 4 new pairs of shoes too! Gotta love that! Hudson is the one that made out like a real bandit though.....he seriously got a TON of stuff. He got countless new shirts and pairs of shorts from Carter's, Osh Kosh, Children's Place, oh lord, the list goes on and on. Did I ever mention that I *think* he just might be a little spoiled? Oh, and he got two new pairs of shoes too, lol!

It was definitely a good shopping experience and for this I am so glad since many times it just is not. Well, now that I say that I have to take *some* of that comment back actually. Why, you ask? Well, because although the shopping was great, Hudson on the other hand, was less than well-behaved. Granted, I am sure that he got tired really fast, so I give him that, but from the moment we got there he was kind of cranky and bossy, ha! He insisted on having one of the pajama shirts we bought at Carter's put on him while we were in the store, lol! Then he also made us change his shoes TWICE during the day too, hahaha. By the end of the day he looked like an absolute's a total shame because while we are buying him all of these cute outfits he is walking around looking like a clown, hahaha! Picture this.....pajama shirt in primary colors with cars all over it, brown plaid cargo shorts and black suede Vans tennis shoes. Ha! He definitely looked like he dressed himself, to which I guess he kind of actually did. Changing his clothes all day wasn't really a big deal, but it was more about his bad attitude and temper tantrums that just about unnerved both of us.

So, after his last tantrum at Children's Place we were a bit tiresome of the routine and we decided we should go on home, but headed over for a quick trip to Toys R Us first to look at their wooden swingsets and see what they had in stock and if any were on sale, etc. While we were there Hudson took infactuation with one of those battery powered vehicles, the Lightning McQueen one to be exact and was SO happy playing with it. We were both worried that he thought he was going to get it and would throw a fit whenever we would make him get out of it, and of course, we were absolutely right. He threw the biggest tantrum in TRU and we immediately left at that point in complete and utter embaressment. He was fine 30 minutes later, but he just has this sense of wanting everything and wanting it right now and just goes bonkers when he doesn't get his way. I hate hearing him cry or seeing him sad, but we have to be strong sometimes and say no. I don't want him to be completely and totally spoiled and grow up to be ungrateful and disrespectful to us or anyone else for that matter. So, that was that and we went home, had dinner, watched some tv and went to bad. Not too bad for a day's work. ;)

On Sunday, we slept in....then had a yummy breakfast consisting of french toast, fresh strawberries and a side of bacon of course! ;) David worked on the back yard for most of the afternoon and I did go out and pull weeds for a while so that hopefully, next weekend we can plant some new flowers and plants out back and then move to the front of the house the following weekend if possible. Can't wait to get some new stuff planted and to spend more time in the yard relaxing....if only we could get more of our projects done soon then we might even be able to entertain more often, which I would absolutely love as I love to entertain! I just rarely get to because there's always been something we've been working on at the casa. Hopefully, we'll get everything to come together soon though as I would love to have most of the projects completed before we have another bambino. Obviously not sure when that will be, but we definitely need to get on it so that there will be less to do once we have two kiddos to chase after! It's been a work in process for 7 years already, ha! So, who knows if and when everything will ever get done. We'll see!

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