Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Morning.

Christmas morning in our home is when we (David, myself and the kiddos) do our entire Christmas ritual as far as exchanging and opening gifts go. Traditionally, we normally open one gift each on Christmas Eve as a prelude to Christmas, but with being SO behind this year and having not even wrapped a single gift once Christmas Eve came around, we ended up foregoing that tradition this year, although it will definitely be back in the years to come as it is a tradition that we did in my own home and I've always wanted to carry it on in my own family as well. So, Christmas morning we woke up fairly early (not too early though) and of course were excited to see Hudson open all of his gifts and to share in the joy of Christmas as a family of four. Landon was a happy little camper that morning, so although he hadn't an inkling as to what was going on, he at least was in a good mood and definitely seemed to enjoy the festivities and most of all, staring in wonderment at the tree all decorated and lit up in all its glory!

Since David and I strongly share the belief that Christmas should be mainly about the kids and not the adults when it comes to gifts in general, we decided to only exchange modest gifts this year and not go overboard as we often times do when it comes to buying each other gifts for Christmas. Instead, we focused on getting gifts for both boys that were carefully selected because we knew that they would not only love them, but that they would be good for their development as well. Some gifts were just merely toys, while others definitely had more of a developmental purpose which made me feel even better about giving them to my children and even more so since Hudson loved all of his gifts and I know that once old enough to enjoy them, Landon will love his as well!

After exchanging gifts, we had breakfast and afterward, Hudson and David went out in the backyard to enjoy the snow a little bit before it all melted away. I stayed inside in the warmth and cuddled with Landon on the couch until time to start getting ready for our next Christmas celebration at my parents house for lunch. It was a great first Christmas as a family of four and I know that with each and every passing year it will only get better and better!

Hudson making a mad dash out of our room headed to see what Santa left for him!


What a cool race track....he was SO excited about this!


Hudson checking out the race track closer.

Vintage-esque silver roadster race car that we bought for Landon. It's for 12 months and up, but I just adore it and figured it would work perfectly as room decor in his nursery until the time comes that he can actually ride on it.


Checking out all the goods in his stocking.


Happy boy.


Mama and Landon - SO not good photos, but I only had like 3 hours of sleep and had not gotten ready for the day so I look a bit rough.


LOVE this baby boy!


More gift unwrapping with Hudson...


Hudson kindly assisting me with opening Landon's gifts too, ha!


I think he might be becoming a pro at this unwrapping stuff!


One of his favorite gifts - Tag Junior, he LOVES this thing!


We are laughing because this is one of the Tag Junior Books and it's called David Smells. Yeah, David didn't think it was quite as funny as we did, ha!


Hudson and his VTech camera. He was on cloud nine when he opened this because he has been obsessed with our cameras lately and has become quite the little blooming photographer in training!

Video games make daddy happy....he's pretty simple to please.

Taking pictures already....


Me opening my gift from David and poor little Landon just hanging out ready for some snuggle time! I got the sewing machine that I had been hinting about for over a year and now I just need to study up on some tutorials online and then take a class or two so that I can get to being crafty and sewing some cool things for my boys!


Hudson had to go try out his camera in the backyard first.


How do I work this thing again????


Say cheese!!!!


He had fun stomping around and exploring the snow covered yard.


Leaving a trail....


Such a cool kiddo!

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