Monday, December 21, 2009

Two Weeks Old ~ Landon Jacob

Landon - you are TWO WEEKS OLD!!!!

What are you up to these days?
  • You weigh 8 pounds 9 ounces
  • You still wear a newborn diaper and wear newborn clothes, that oddly enough, are mostly fairly large on you even though everyone comments on what a big boy you are!
  • You are exclusively breastfed by your proud mama and you are one hungry little boy. You like to nurse often, but latch on quite perfectly and are quite the little eater morning, noon and night! The nurses and lactation consultants at the hospital were all so good to work with you and I after you were born and to ensure we were both comfortable and that you were getting what you needed from mama and according to your very first checkup with your Dr. H., our hard work has paid off or at least so far!
  •  You are still sleeping pretty good at night waking two to three times on average to nurse and snuggle with mama. During the daytime hours, you usually take several 2 hour or so naps, however this has varied a bit since we first got home and you are going through the firsts of many, many growth spurts!
  •  You do have similar features as your big brother, Hudson, but many of mommy and daddy's family and friends think that you two are almost like two peas in a pod! We've heard many comments not only about how much you two look alike, but of course about how handsome and sweet you are! I have to admit that I completely agree! (albeit, I know that I am completely biased!) 
    •  Mommy and daddy have also been so, so surprised by not only how alert you are in your waking hours, but that you already seem to be so strong and active. You already attempt to hold your own head up and seem to always be moving and grooving, moving your hands, legs and feet quite a bit and looking around at everything and everyone that surrounds you in complete and absolute awe and wonder.
    • You are not so sure about bath time yet, but you've only experienced your first few baths so I know that it will likely change before too long and you'll become a little water baby just like your big brother. Hudson loves baths and I have a feeling that you will too!
    • You seem to like music and love for mommy to sing to you. I can tell that you like it because you make those cute little smiles and smirks when I sing to you and it seems to calm you sometimes when you are crying or fussy. It's definitely something that I think will continue to soothe you in times that you are uneasy or cranky.

        • You've been introduced to your room, but haven't spent much time there yet. You seemed to really like the colors of your crib bedding and mobile though and stared at the mobile as if you really liked it and the music too. Hopefully, your room is a place that you grow to love and a place where you feel comfort and very safe when we transition you to your crib and that you enjoy playing there too!
        • You spend quite a bit of time in your swing and seem to like it okay. This is one area that we have you nap often and you also love to be swaddled and held. Most of all by mommy! You also love it when mommy wears you in her K'Tan carrier. You've only been in it a few times so far, but seemed to really like it and was soothed to be against mommy's skin. You've taken numerous naps in it as well. At night time, you sleep in mommy and daddy's room for now in a pack n' play and you seem to like it pretty well, although I think you'd prefer to be in the bed with us!
        • Your big brother is already quite infatuated with you and is always taking any opportunity to give you big hugs and kisses. He says your name all the time and talks to you too. He also talks about your tiny hands, tiny feet, tiny eyes, etc. almost in sheer wonderment that you are such a tiny little being so different, yet so like him! He also has continuously asked to hold you too and with our assistance, we have allowed him to do so. Most importantly, he loves you and tells you this all the time too.
        • On a related note, all of mommy and daddy's family and friends have already become quite smitten with you as well! Everyone was so excited when you were born and they finally got to meet you. As I already mentioned, they comment on how handsome you are, how much you do or don't resemble your big brother or mommy or daddy (daddy says you look like me though!) and most of all, they comment on how your such a sweet and good little baby. You have many, many, many people who already love you so, so very much including your mommy and daddy of course!
        • I almost can't believe you are actually here and are already two weeks old! In no time you will be one month old, then two months old, then three months old and so on and so on and so on. And while I will love seeing you grow and thrive throughout the coming days, months and years, it is difficult to think of you growing too fast and for these newborn and baby stages to fly by as I know that they will. I am so very thankful and feel so blessed that I am home with you though so that I can spend more time with both you and Hudson and hopefully, develop a stronger relationship and family bond since I will have more time to spend with each of you and with daddy as well and also we will both have more time to work on creating the perfect home and environment for our entire family.
        • Mommy and daddy are just so glad that you are here with us finally and we just love you so, so very much! We loved you before you were even born and felt so much joy when we first saw your face, held you in our arms and kissed your cheeks for the very first time. You are our blessing and our family would not be complete without you. We love you, Landon, and are just so blessed and proud of our sweet baby boy already!

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