Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas #3.

For our last and final round of Christmas get-togethers (on Christmas day that is!), we headed over to David's mom's house to have Christmas with her, Marc, Jessica and little Miss Harper. It was already later in the day so everyone had already had a long day and were probably all pretty tired at this point, especially the kiddos, but we made it work and had a nice little evening filled with lots of laughs, lots of gift exchanging and a few adult cocktails for the mamas and daddies. We hung out for quite some time and didn't end the festivities until kind of late, so I was completely exhausted by the time we left. In fact, I actually was falling asleep on the car ride home! I wasn't the only one though, everyone was pretty pooped by the time we left Marcia's and thus, we all hit the sack promptly once we got home. All in all it was a wonderful Christmas day and although we were on the move to a certain extent, it ended up being a fairly relaxing day.


Nana got Hudson some yellow rain boots!


Hudson was so surprised and excited about these.


He insisted on putting them on immediately and has been wearing them a ton since Christmas day! He's wanted some rain boots for a while and I can never find any his size in the stores whenever I remember to look.


Marc and Jess helping Harper open a gift.


Cute little girly things!


Such a sweet little smile!


So cute!


Hudson thanking his Nana for his Clickstart computer.


David being goofy with his "gag gift."

Okay, now that's a little better!

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Jess said...

Aw...look at all the cute babies. Landon even made an appearance hidden behind Miss Harper! It will be so fun when they are all Hudson's age and into their gifts!