Thursday, December 3, 2009


So, numerous people I know do posts about the funny things their toddlers / younger kiddos say and use the reference of the child's name followed by an -ism, so now that Hudson has been talking our ears off for a while now I'm starting to hear some very humorous and post-worthy things come out of his mouth and have decided that I would *try* to remember them or write them down from now on and then post them here to document them and share them with my readers as Hudson-isms. I can only remember one that he's said over the past couple of days, but there's sure to be many, many more gems just like them in the future! I am certain of it with all of the chatting and story-telling he's had going on these days!

So, here's somewhat of the dialogue from one conversation between Hudson and I yesterday afternoon....

Hudson - "Mom play blocks, Hudson build T-Rex"
Me - "I can only play blocks for a minute and then have to finish working. We've played a lot today and now I need to do some work."
Hudson - "No, Hudson want to play work." (he's pouting and getting angry at this point)
Me - "No, I can play for a while, but remember how mommy told you that I won't be going to work anymore and will be staying home with you and baby brother?"
Hudson - Nods and says "O-tay...."
Me - "So, since I'm not going to go to work anymore I have to still do this other work to help make money though."
Hudson - He then says in a very angry, annoyed little voice - "NO! No work, Daddy work, Daddy make money!"

LOLOLOL!!!! Seriously, my jaw dropped to the floor and I could NOT believe he said that! It seriously was one of the funniest things ever and even David couldn't believe it! SO funny!

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