Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa Visit 2009

We finally were able to get out of the house again and make it out to see Santa yesterday and boy was it a fun adventure! Well, fun for me because I loved seeing all of the kiddos amazed by Santa and was so excited to see Hudson and Landon taking their photo together with Santa for the first time. We had planned on going last Friday, but never made it after Landon's pediatrician appointment and then decided to go do a large amount of our Christmas shopping on Saturday sans Hudson since my mom had called and volunteered to keep him for the afternoon so that we could get some things done. SO...we decided to go and see Santa yesterday instead. We ended up going to the Villages at Allen and were super impressed by not only Santa, but by the entire setup and how friendly and personable all of the staff were there. All of the other parents and kiddos that we waited with in line were really nice and a lot of fun too. They had a huge Christmas tree outside and reindeer among other things and Santa was actually inside of a building there and the line was all the way outside of his "workshop". It wasn't really a very long line and the wait ended up only being like 45 minutes long, BUT Hudson was super hyped up (is he never???) and David ended up chasing him around pretty much the entire time I stood in line. I'm glad I decided to wear Landon in my K'Tan carrier since he could have been in the stroller that I also had to guard the entire time since Hudson wouldn't stay in it (insert sarcastic tone here,ha!) Obviously, it wasn't a big deal, but it would have been more comfortable for me and probably Landon too! In any case, it finally came time to go into the building and Hudson calmed down for a few minutes after one of Santa's elves outside of the house made some balloon "swords" for David and Hudson to play with, ha! Once inside he started to get rowdy and anxious again, so by the time it was out turn for them to sit on Santa's lap and get their picture taken, Hudson was in a not so great mood. In fact, he looked downright grumpy, but oh well! I think it gives the picture character and I kind of chuckled at the thought that possibly Santa had told him he was on the naughty list and THAT was why he had such a frown when they took the picture. HA! I still think it's pretty cute anyways and I absolutely adore it since it has both of my baby boys in it....I will definitely cherish this picture for many years to come! 

After photos with Santa, we headed over to Elizabeth's Cakes and had to pick out several cupcakes to share and if I must say so myself, they were ALL delish, but our absolute fave was the Italian Creme, YUM, YUM, YUM! After our little sugar rush we went and finished some shopping and then took our little boys home for some relaxing time on the couch and lots of cuddling with my fave!

We didn't purchase the digital file, but rather just a printed copy, but here is a picture of the printed photo itself and also a close up cropped image as well. LOVE Hudson's little grumpy scowl and Landon's sweet little sleepy face, SO cute!


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