Tuesday, December 29, 2009

White Christmas.

Being born and raised in Texas, I am more than innately aware of the fact that our weather can change dramatically like a flip of a switch from one extreme to the total polar opposite and quite often, that can include some rare and very special weather phenomenons for our area. As all fellow Texans know, we here get the joy of experiencing a warmer climate pretty much year-round as our winter season is typically fairly mild and we rarely even see a snowflake not to mention have any chances of the fluffy white stuff actually accumulating and sticking around long enough to enjoy it more than one red hot minute! Well, much to our surprise we were lucky enough to experience some snow of all things this December and most surprising and special was that we had a full-on snowstorm (for our area it definitely was!) on Christmas Eve and were blessed to wake up to a true White Christmas! It really was a sight to see, although we were far too busy getting ready for all of our Christmas celebrations to truly enjoy it as much as I would have liked. But even still, it made everything about a holiday that for us was already going to be extraordinarily special for us as our first Christmas as a family of four, it was even so much more magical and memorable to have had a white Christmas and even more unique since there have only been around eight times in recorded weather history that we've had snow on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. In fact, the last instance of the elusive white Christmas last occurred over EIGHTY YEARS ago! So, it was certainly a very rare and pretty occurrence indeed! Landon obviously won't remember this since he is far too young and it might not be something that Hudson remembers either, but it is definitely something I will never forget as it definitely made this Christmas far more magical than I could have ever imagined! Too bad we didn't get more than just a few pics and these were before the snow really accumulated heavily. It was gorgeous though just the same....

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