Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pregnancy Week 38 Appointment

Monday was my weekly OB appointment and thankfully, everything went fantastic and it was an overall positive appointment. I finished my last week at work last week, so my appointment was actually a little later in the morning on Monday and I had asked my mom to watch Hudson while I went to my appointment and ran a couple of errands since David was working. So that way I wouldn't have to worry about those couple of things later in the week. I'm just relieved that the appointment went so well and that we are still set to meet our baby boy next week!


  • My blood pressure was good again which was a relief since I had that recent scare when it went up and had to be admitted into L&D, but it's back to normal and I haven't really had any measurable swelling in a while so that's good too.
  • Baby was active and heartbeat sounded good at 152.
  • Dr. P. gave me the results from the blood draw I had taken about a week and a half ago and those were excellent as well. My blood count had gone from a 7 to 30! So, it seems as if the iron supplements I have been taking have been working and my body is actually absorbing the iron, so I won't have to have a blood transfusion prior to my c-section after all. I will still have to go in the day before to have another blood draw done so that the hospital can begin sourcing blood in case I need it for after my surgery, but I won't have to stay overnight before my scheduled c-section to get a transfusion like we thought might happen. (I haven't had time to document my second visit to the L&D at the hospital, but basically I was sent in by my OB for high blood-pressure, that actually corrected itself while I was there, but my blood count came back dangerously low and I ended up having to be admitted and even stay overnight in order to have a transfusion and receive 2 units of blood. It was a scary mess combined with the possibility that I could be borderline of developing preeclampsia too, which after doing a 24 hour urine catch and my blood pressure recouping, it was discovered that I was not at risk for preeclampsia after all which was an absolute relief because I was NOT ready to be having my baby boy at 34 weeks!)
  • Most importantly ----DRUMROLL!!! ----- my c-section date and time is confirmed for next Monday, December 7th and I am scheduled for surgery early that morning, so I have to arrive at the hospital by 9 am.

  • None really....besides for me to continue taking 2 iron pill supplements daily up until my surgery date in the hopes that it will continue to improve my blood count and decrease the chances of me having to have a blood transfusion after the c-section. Which of course, I would absolutely love to avoid as much as possible.
That's about it really, so we are officially set to meet our baby boy this upcoming Monday and we cannot be any more thrilled! I'm a bit nervous too, understandably so I guess, but trying to remain positive and calm that all will go well with the surgery, that we will be blessed with a beautiful, healthy new baby boy and without complication allowing us to leave the hospital after the minimum stay requirement so that we can return home and begin our life as a family of FOUR! I know I've said it before, but I'm going to most certainly have to say it again, and that's that I absolutely cannot wait!

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Amanda and Anthony said...

Yay! So excited for you!!