Tuesday, December 1, 2009

REWIND - Halloween 2009

Only about a month late....I am now finally posting some pics from Halloween this year. Hudson was our own little friendly neighborhood Spiderman and had a blast this year from beginning to end! He hasn't been *too* into Halloween the past couple of years and has always acted less than thrilled to be in costume, but not this year! This year he was all about helping pick out his costume and then couldn't wait to wear it either, heck, he even wore it before Halloween just to try it out and pretend to be Spiderman before the big day. This year we did our traditional visit to see my parents (Grandma and Grandpa) and over to David's mom's house (Nana), but we also actually took Hudson door to door for a little real trick-or-treating this year which is something that we had not done in the past. We went to the small neighborhood across the street from my parents house and let me just tell you, Hudson LOVED trick-or-treating and had SO much fun! He was so excited going up to each and every door and would say TRICK-OR-TREAT! real loud, tell them he was Spiderman, he said thank you for the candy every time too and would then proceed to tell them he was going to the next house, lol! It was great and he was very, very well-behaved and courteous which was a bit of a shocker for our little hellion! I'm just glad he loved it so much and was able to behave so that he could enjoy it and that we could actually enjoy him enjoying it too. It's hard to enjoy these times if the kiddos aren't cooperating or behaving so the fact that he was so good made it so easy for us ALL to have a great time. Here's some pics of our little man in his full-on Spiderman attire....I would have to say I think he's the cutest little Spiderman I've ever seen too! (even though I know I am totally and completely biased in saying so!)

Excited about all of the candy at Grandma & Grandpa's house
Gotta have neon glow sticks!
Mommy and her little Spiderman
Daddy and Spidey cutting it up...
Daddy fixing Hudson's super mask
Fun with glow sticks....
The battle of the century and Brea trying to get in on the action too!
Nana giving Hudson a pumpkin FULL of candy!

David and Hudson decided to have a superhero battle and David was supposed to be the Incredible Hulk taking on Spiderman, lol!
Exchanging brutal blows, ha!
Is that a body slam coming on??? Nah', just a little intimidation.....
And Spidey wins!!! Daddy was down for the count!

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