Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas #2

After we finished Christmas at our own house, we got ready for the day, finishing cooking some side dishes and packed the car full of gifts and goodies and headed to my parents house for Christmas lunch with my side of the family. It is always so much fun when we all get together and this year was no different. I love spending time with my family and Christmas is an especially fun time since everyone is particularly jolly and in the Christmas spirit!

My parents house still feels like home to me, you know the kind of homey feeling I'm referring to, right? Incredibly cozy, comfortable and easy going. Filled with love, laughter, open-minds and open-hearts and not to mention filled with the scents of a fabulous Christmas spread that everyone contributes to and a plethora of sweet goodies that my mom bakes every.single.year. In fact, she is so dedicated and passionate about making the day special for all of her children, grandchildren, family and friends that she literally bakes for days leading up to Christmas to make sure that there is a large variety of yummy treats to please each and every sweet tooth among us! She even bakes everything not only with love, but in mass amounts so that we can all take bags of the cookies, brownies, fudge, pralines, etc. home with us. And everything is homemade, no really, entirely homemade, not semi-homemade and not from a box. SO yummy and something we all look forward to every year.

We all exchanged gifts and laughs and had a truly enjoyable afternoon. Hudson and Landon got spoiled by everyone, even though we had drawn names as a family to exchange gifts. We are so blessed to have such a generous and thoughtful family to have gone out of their way to do something special and to get the boys gifts that they truly did not have to. As you can imagine, Hudson was beyond excited about getting more gifts and definitely loved every single one! Landon got mostly clothes, which we actually needed and are much appreciated. Overall, it was a great afternoon and everyone seemed to really have a good time! And even better, everyone was there *close* to on time or at least not excessively late for the most part, so we were able to enjoy each others company longer instead of having eat, unwrap and dash! Here's just a few pics, unfortunately we didn't take too many and always forget to take any family shots except for there are some pic of all of the grandchildren below courtesy of my dad's idea!

Trying to explain to Hudson that no, not all of the gifts are for him, ha!


Uncle DJ giving Hudson a gift to pass out 


David, Hudson and my sister Karen


Hudson opening gifts


The "grandchildren" shot....many, many tries were attempted as Hudson did not want to cooperate. See him in the left corner of the photo trying to avoid getting his picture taken??


Yep, David had to finally go behind Nicolas and hold Hudson up behind him to get him in the picture.


Grandchildren picture = FAIL?

Just chatting...


Hudson and Uncle DJ clowning around as usual!


Just thought that this shot was cool because of the lighting.

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