Friday, May 23, 2008

Change of plans....

So, as I somewhat predicted, there was a slight change of plans and we did not end up going out to the movies tonight for the Indiana Jones premiere. David had quite a horrible headache earlier today and we were both still a bit tired from the past few days, so we decided to veto going out to the movies since neither one of us was feeling completely up to it. Instead, we did venture over to Arlington to go and look at some patio furniture that we were intending on purchasing, but unfortunately the entire collection was out of stock. We did find another set that we really liked, but again, pretty much all of the pieces were out of stock. Hopefully, we can call around tomorrow and see if we can find all of the pieces that we want at another store location or otherwise, it will be back to square one on the patio furniture search! After our unsuccessful furniture run, we popped into Kincaid's Hamburgers and had some yummy burgers for dinner. We've never been to Kincaid's, but I had heard that they have some of the best burgers in town...well, they were good, but in my opinion, they did not even come close to my all time favorite burger joint...Snuffer's!! I still firmly believe that Snuffer's burgers are the best around and they will continue to be the best until I am proven otherwise. Once we finished dinner, we decided to go by Toys R Us and get a gift for a family birthday party that we are attending tomorrow. My cousin, Carla, is having a birthday party for her son and we needed to pick up a little somethin'-somethin' for the birthday boy. Of course, we couldn't make a trip to Toys R Us without picking up a couple of things for Hudson, too! I don't think I've mentioned it before, but Hudson is like seriously addicted to the movie Cars and anything Cars related. He has the movie, several Cars themed toys, Cars books and even a couple of Cars's not like he has a TON of Cars stuff, but he does LOVE the movie and as a result, we've gotten him a few things over the past year. Well, after torturing him by looking at all of the cool Cars stuff that Toys R Us had to offer, we decided to hold off on any more toys right now, but did get him a little red Car's themed plastic chair that he was completely obsessed with in the store. It's seriously like a cheap $5.00 plastic chair, nothing fancy, but because it has a picture of Lighting McQueen and Mater on it he HAD to have it. Then we also went ahead and bought a large blow-up type swimming pool and figured we would try to take some time over the holiday weekend and let Hudson enjoy one of his other favorite things...anything water related! If how he acts when we take him out of the bath is any indication, then I know that he is NOT going to want to get out of the pool either. In any case, we had a nice evening and now are both just relaxing before we head to bed for the night. David did happen to mention to me earlier this evening, that since we didn't go to the movies and to the dinner I wanted tonight that we would plan on going next Saturday and go see Sex and the City instead, yippee!!! Hopefully, he will keep his word and we won't be sidetracked by anything else next weekend. :)

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